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Sunday, 27 March 2011

UKIP: EFD to be rocked by more bad news, John Bufton returns to work and more on Marta

Farage’s EFD Group to be hit by more bad news!

We can confirm that Farage will be less than pleased with a certain letter. It should arrive on his desk within 24 hours. More news as we get it!

John Bufton

We are pleased to note that John Bufton has recovered sufficiently from his stroke to return to work as UKIP’s MEP for Wales. However, we would caution Mr Bufton that such strokes should be regarded as a warning that the stress of your current job may be too much for you.

We were amused to note that certain Farage sycophants were claiming that we had mocked Bufton over his illness. More lies. We actually said: "We would like to wish John Bufton a speedy recovery after suffering a recent stroke". See: LINK

It is tragic that Mr Bufton is such a bloody useless MEP. He has done very little for UKIP Wales. He promised before being elected to donate thousands to UKIP Wales if elected as an MEP. He failed to keep that promise. It later emerged that Bufton had donated just £900 to UKIP Wales during his first year as an MEP.

The UKIP Wales website was a joke. It failed to even mention the fact that Wales was facing a referendum on giving more powers to the Welsh Assembly. However, we are pleased to note that our recent criticism – along with GLW - of the site in question has led to it being revamped. We can make a difference!

You may recall how Mr Bufton was recently caught out by the Daily Mail and Channel Four. It concerned a little scam that he had been involved in ever since becoming a UKIP MEP. John had been turning up to the EU Parliament every Friday morning to collect his £260 daily allowance. No crime in that but you would expect him to stay for the day rather than quickly scuttling out of the building as soon as he has signed in!

Mr Bufton defence was rather lame to say the least! "That's our system".

Bufton is less than happy with membership of Farage's EFD group but till now has sadly lacked the guts to follow Nikki and Mike's example. We have confirmed before that Farage was rather 'helpful' when it came to that Channel Four programme. That Bufton was targeted came as no surprise to us or Nigel. You p*ss off Farage and face the consequences!

Marta Andreasen

Congratulations to Marta for gaining control of her EU 4000 budget. Farage was less than pleased to relinquish control of that extra cash but still hopes that this gesture will prevent her leaving the EFD. Fat chance, Nigel!

We can confirm that Marta has been approaching various parties in the hope that they will offer her a new political home. Her relationship with Farage and certain UKIP colleagues has become somewhat strained - remember her spat with Paul Nuttall? - and she is eager to jump ship at the earliest opportunity. See: LINK

You may recall that Anna Rosbach - Marta's Danish chum - resigned from the EFD group earlier this year. She joined the Tory ECR group. Her intentions came to light some time ago - in November she was in discussion with Tory MEPs Martin Calannan and Charles Tannock, but her decision was delayed due to problems with the leadership of the ECR group.

Rosbach has been critical of her Danish colleague Morten Messerschmidt, a convicted racist, mainly over his financial activities - it appears he has quickly perfected the art a la Farage, of milking his budgets ruthlessly. There were also problems of incompatibility between Rosbach and some of the more extreme elements of the Danish People's Party, and of the EFD group.

For more on Andreasen: LINK & LINK Also see: LINK & LINK

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Greg_L-W. said...


I gather from Geoffrey van Orden that David Bannerman is still trying to jump ship to The Tories but initially demanded a clear run as an MEP at the next election - The reply was NO.

Then DB offered to join them if he was given a safe MP seat - Still NO.

Get the message David they were glad to see you leave the first time - there is no job for someone who has even pretended to be anti EU to get a job.

Politicians have a strong sense of self preservation and no one trusts this liar - it became clear he was dishonest with his lies about his relationship to a desk!

Then he lied to support a corrupt selection process. Then the Sunday Times exposed him with Stuart Agnew.

Offering enough info. to destroy UKIP & Farage to be selected by The Tories did nothing to help his ambitions, it just showed him for a liar and untrustworthy.

The answer is still NO.

So I am reliably informed.