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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Crisis in UKIP: Farage does it again

Anyone who still thinks that Farage is not a liability should take a look at this:

Daily Politics

He said:

"There are five candidates standing. Only one of them is a serious, credible candidate and that's Lord Pearson, who has had major achievements in his life in business and politics too.

"If Lord Pearson gets that job and I'm leading the party in the European Parliament, then I would argue that UKIP is stronger and will be for several years to come.

"If it's not Lord Pearson, things will be tricky. But I think it will be Lord Pearson. He is head and shoulders above the others."

End of quote.

The great Nigel Farage has decided that all the other candidates are lacking credibility. It’s nice to know that Farage regards the membership as little more than children who need to be told how they should vote.

And to make matters worse he has been repeating this gaffe in conversations with various members!

Perhaps someone should remind Farage that in a previous leadership election a regional organiser - Dennis Brookes - lost his job after promoting one of the candidates.

Here is an extract from the rules:

CAMPAIGNING. Candidates and their supporters shall conduct campaigning activities in a friendly and constructive manner, and in accordance with the Party Constitution. In the case of a serious breach, the Returning Officer may disqualify the candidate from the election. No candidate may make unauthorised use of the Party membership lists. The National Executive Committee will endeavour to arrange a series of hustings at which all candidates will be invited to appear.

We at Junius can confirm that Gerard Batten is reported as being ‘disgusted’ with Farage. Another candidate has threatened to make a formal complaint to the Returning Officer.

We suggest a complaint based on the fact that Farage breached UKIP's own rules by denigrating four candidates and using a TV appearance to promote one of them would be in order.

Nigel, publicly humiliating three of your fellow MEPs is not a very good move. And can we assume that if Pearson does not win you are not going to work with Batten, Sinclaire, Wood or Nattrass?

Your working relationship with the MEPs in question is now broken beyond repair. Your stupidity has damaged the Euro-realist cause YET again.

You and your sycophants have already cost UKIP over £750,000 in fines and legal costs. Isn’t this enough damage for you? Don’t you think that at this time you should have been making friends and not even more enemies?

How about doing the decent thing and resigning now? And how about taking Pearson with you?

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1 comment:

Greg L-W. said...


members might care to remember it was Farage who presided whilst Tom Wise remained a member, It was Farage who presided when efforts to have Tom Wise before a disciplinary hearing were quoshed by his succubus.

You may also remember it was Farage who was leader when the selection processes were rigged.

Perhaps you had forgotten it was Farage who rigged the lists in the SE to get Ashley Mote in, just as the lists were rigged to get the discreditted Marta Andreasen in - both corrupt actions.

I understand it was Lord pearson with another old Etonian the discreditted Hugh Williams who orchestrated Andreasen's position despite the fact that Hugh Williams was removed as chairman and branch chairman for corruption and dishonesty.

Do be minded it was Nigel farage who converted a minor technical error that was correctable into a criminal action and a Guilty Verdict incurring a £3/4Million debt.

It was Farage's behaviour which drove Tim Condon out of the party.

Need we really study his calibre of judgement that has so clearly shown no Officer Quality yet he still professes to have sound judgement and insult his MEPs and patronise his members.

How crass!

Greg L-W.