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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

UKIP leadership election: More on Gerard Batten

A few facts for all those UKIPPERS who are thinking of voting for Gerard Batten.

He has consistently refused to publish his MEP expenses.

A former NEC member has gone on record as saying that Batten was “the most vociferous opponent when this was put to the NEC as a motion in 2006”.

He has failed to properly answer the Open Europe transparency questionnaire on employees.

He put his signature to a Farage letter which called on members to approve changes to UKIP’s constitution. This would have given Paul Nuttall the right to suspend members without having to give them a reason. That's dictatorship in our book.

He criticises Farage in private but lacks the courage to do this publicly. There is little point in attacking Farage’s arrogance and incompetence if you are still happy to jump into line the moment Nigel clicks his fingers.

He has still FAILED to mention his leadership bid on his MEP website. Click on latest news and you STILL get the article on the Irish vote! See: LINK

Gerard Batten would be a weak and ineffectual leader. Look at his record in London. Branches are closing and UKIP's vote is withering on the vine.

Forget him. The race for leader is between Nikki Sinclaire and Lord Pearson.


Joker said...

Gerard gets very shifty when you talk about expenses, he wont publish a list of his employees either.

aT A recent leadership husting he said he'd be happy to tell any member just excatly how much he has donated to the party should they ask.

I belive this can be found on youtube. He said he had donated aslittle as acouple of thousand.

Not bad for five years on the gravy train !!1

Junius said...
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Greg L-W. said...


is it true - since clearly you have an inside track, that as Farage claims, I understand, Batten employs a brother in law and also has his printing done by his brother.

I'd also love to know why he keeps banging on anti Islam could it be because of Philippino politics and Catholic extremism?

How is having rants at Muslims and attacking the Russian FSB achieving the slightest bit of anything towards getting Britain out of The EU.

Gerard Batten is a complete hypocrite - not just in the way he slags off Farage behind his back but does exactly what he is told to but also he bangs on about Justice in Russia yet he was quite happy to orchestrate a Soviet Style Kangaroo Court with Deadweight Derek (who is under investigation for fraud!) to persecute Peter Baker.

What is Batten for?

Greg L-W.

Junius said...
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