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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

UKIP Scandal: Farage disgraces the veterans.

Nigel Farage often seems to be modelling himself on the Micheal Caine character in the classic movie "Zulu"..... He is often to be found, after a few G&Ts, muttering "I say, dear boy..." delivered in what can only be described as an "effete" manner.

How Farage would love to be an upper class officer type....

But he never served. Farage was never made of the "right stuff". He tries to make up for it by putting on an accent, and referring to "my father's regiment..." at every opportunity. Well, actually, Farage senior never actually served as a regular either, he spent a bit a time in the TA where, and this is delicious, he served under Petrina Holdsworth's husband.

But Farage loves to come the old soldier nevertheless.

We all know about the guy who who laid a wreath on Nov 11th in UKIP's name, and embarrassed us all, but it seems that Farage actually went one better...

There is a quiet corner of Brussels where there is a memorial to the Belgian Resistance. Traditionally a few UKIP types have gathered there, but now Farage has muscled in to take over the event, and this year he turned up to preside over proceedings as only he can "I say, dear boy, ha ha, my father's regiment, look at the arse on that, old chap, dear boy..."

So there they were on Nov 11th.... Farage, Bloom, Nuttall, Griffin, Brons, and an assortment of UKIP and BNP staff...

You thought you had got away with that one, didn't you Farage?

Every step you take, every move you make, we'll be watching you.

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