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Saturday, 7 November 2009

UKIP: The Junius photo file

Junius looks forward to meeting Nigel Farage during a UKIP campaign rally in Bucks.

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Greg L-W. said...


could the aim of that light stick be to shine a light up Farage's backside to see if someone can find a backbone and some Officer Qualities.

He has become a pathetic parody - a liar and a cheat surrounded by the scum of the political parasites.

He has as I warned destroyed EUkip and now he is running away!

A sad failure of a man - failed at school, failed to get in the army, failed educationally, failed as employee in the bank, failed as a drunk and got run over, failed at testicular cancer TWICE, failed as a city trader, failed at his marriages, failed as a leader - a sad bully surrounded by people who hate him but he has bought with other tax payers money.

A con artist and a swindler.

One of the greatest betrayals in modern politics - a man for our times modelled on the likes of Hurd, Hesseltine, Kinnock, Haine, Harman, Blair and their ilk.

A pampered powdered popinjay who can not pass a mirror.

The truth is slowly dawning on those he has duped!

Greg L-W.