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Friday, 13 November 2009

UKIP: Some questions for Jeffrey Titford

The dust is not settling over the Tom Wise case yet...

Jeffrey Titford was very quick to appear in court to testify against his former friend, employee, and colleague. The UKIP website positively gloated over the two year sentence that the former MEP received. The party referred to a "secret" bank account, and the fact that Wise put money into the account that was intended for a researcher.

And so we find it most interesting that we have in our hands a piece of paper, a "Liste des decomptes" relating to MEPs assistant's payments, dated October 2002. It is a big document, there are lots of MEPs, and lots of money involved, but one entry positively leaps off of the page. It relates to Jeffrey Titford himself.

Jeffrey William Titford, it appears, paid his entire assistant's allowances - all 12,051,98 euros of it - in that month, into the bank account of...... a Mr Thomas Wise!

Over to you, Jeffrey! If Tom is such a crook, can you explain why you are the only MEP on this list paying his entire budget (and 12,051,98 is the absolute maximum allowable) into one person's account, and this person in particular? This man who you deride as a crook? You didn't complain when it was your money being looked after, did you? Interestingly, there is only one other MEP on the list, a Labour MEP, who claimed every last cent, but he paid all of it to his three assistants, who are named on the document.

Care to comment, Jeffrey?

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