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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

UKIP & the OLAF investigation: Further updates!

Another interesting document has fallen into Junius' collective hands... The administration in Brussels is leaking like a sieve, it seems. This should particularly worry the party, as it might have a bearing on the present OLAF investigation into Mike Nattrass and others over the employment of UKIP party officials on parliament contracts - this is all highly illegal.

Dated July 2003, this latest newly unearthed document names Steve Harris, Malcolm Wood, Tom Wise, Jim Carver, Gerry Kelly, Paul Gilbert and Heather Bennet as being on EP contracts. They are all given the job title "Regional Organiser".

Chris Jones, also on a parliament contract, is listed as "UKIP press relations". Again, this is illegal. Unfortunately, one of the new intake of MEPs, Nikki Sinclaire, is also named, as an official of "NEC HQ Office", although it is unclear as to wether she was paid by the parliament. If so, she will surely be added to OLAF's ever growing list of suspects.

One amusing little detail is the presence on the list of a name that most UKIP members will be unfamiliar with, that of Ditte Staun.

Ditte was a pretty little Danish girl who worked in the parliament some years ago. She was also "romantically linked" to Farage. It is interesting to note that she was paid through the UKIP budget line, and not that of Jens Peter Bonde, as was assumed at the time. She was sent home to Denmark after the Sun newspaper learned a little bit more about the relationship than Farage would have liked.

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