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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

UKIP leadership election: Gerard Batten

So why has Gerard Batten decided to run for the leadership?

In the past he has described the position as “a poisoned chalice” and has repeatedly resisted calls for him to stand.

He is clearly not that interested in the job as his website makes absolutely no mention of his leadership bid. Indeed, the latest news entry refers to the Irish getting ready to vote on Lisbon! See:LINK

He is also yet to publish his election statement and where is his presence on the UKIP members forum?

The only site we can find devoted to his campaign is a blog entitled ‘Vote Gerard Batten’. The sub-heading reads ‘Leading the campaign to make Gerard our leader. Forget the rest and vote for the best’.

To view it click here: LINK

The site has to be seen to be believed. One entry invites you to make a Gerard Batten badge while another complains that the other candidates will steal Batten’s ideas if he publishes them! Yeah, right!

But perhaps we are being rather harsh. Clearly 'Tim' is doing his best to salvage a lost cause.

So what is Batten really up to?

Gerard has been critical of Farage for a long time. He rightly regards Farage as a liability and has often said that UKIP would be better off without him. There is certainly no love lost between the two with Farage usually describing Batten as “that f***ing BT salesman”. Indeed, he hates Gerard almost as much as he hates Nikki Sinclaire!

Farage wants Lord Pearson to succeed him as leader. He wanted a coronation. The last thing he wanted was an election!

It has to be said that Alan Wood, Gerard Batten, Mike Nattrass and Nikki Sinclaire are currently not names to mention in front of our beloved Nigel!

I am sorry to let the cat out of the bag but Gerard is not really serious about leading UKIP.

His decision to stand was largely motivated by a desire to p*ss off Farage and his favoured successor.

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Greg_L-W. said...


Do not forget Gerard Batten colluded in the orchestrated cover-up of Tom Wise's criminality.

Do not forget that Gerard Batten never missed an opportunity to lie about me due to his embarrassment in being shown to be without morality with regard to Tom Wise.

Do not forget that Gerard Batten colluded with Derek Clark MEP & the corrupt Douglas Denny to pillory and orchestrate a Kangarroo Court ensuring Peter Baker was denied a fair hearing by blocking the ONLY valid witness.

Do remember that Gerard Batten is associated with Mike McGough who is a proven liar and cheat.

Do remember Gerard Batten permitted the publication of a private letter from John Wise permitting the bullying and lies of the vile Mike McGough on the internet.

Do remember that Gerard Batten failed to do ANYTHING to address the corruption of the MEP selection process and the returning officer's report.

Do remember Gerard Batten did absolutely nothing publicly to support his staff member Lynda Robson in her Official Complaint as per Returning Officer's exposure of corruption and dishonesty.

Gerard Batten has not so much as murmered to block association with racists, xenophobes, anti Jewish, pro violence, sexually intolerant colleagues in the Farage Pan EU Political Party/group.

This man is indisputably unfit for leadership or as an MEP.

Greg L-W.