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Friday, 27 November 2009

UKIP leadership election: Lord Pearson wins

Lord Pearson 4,743 votes

Gerard Batten MEP 2,571 votes

Nikki Sinclaire MEP 1,214 votes

Mike Nattrass MEP 1,092 votes

Alan Wood 315 votes

Some 9,900 were cast in all, or roughly 74% of the membership.

A high turnout and a clear endorsement for Lord Pearson. We have been assured that Lord Pearson is not a Farage puppet. We have also been assured that Farage is in for a few shocks. We shall see.

Gerard Batten did better than expected. Tim of the Vote Gerard Batten blog will be pleased. He is already lobbying for Batten to become UKIP chairman!

Nikki Sinclaire did not do as well as many had expected. Farage hates her and she is unhappy about being in the EFD. Her future in UKIP is currently uncertain.

Mike Nattrass. The joke candidate. But at least we know there are at least 1,092 members who are very easily impressed. He intends to sue the Sunday Times for printing an article confirming that he is under investigation by OLAF. The fool. Mike, you can't sue a paper for printing the truth!

Alan Wood. Does not support Lord Pearson's views on Islam. Has said he will leave UKIP if Pearson is elected. We have been told that this is no idle threat.

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