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Friday, 6 November 2009

Crisis in UKIP: OLAF officials in the UK

We can now confirm that OLAF officials have been in the UK for the last few days. They are investigating several current and at least former UKIP MEP. All have been accused of misusing EU allowances.

They have interviewed a large number of people connected with UKIP. The investigation has been wide ranging and has covered more than one region of the UK.

We will not be naming those interviewed at this time as we have no wish to compromise the investigation or give UKIP’s leadership the opportunity to put pressure on them. They would be undoubtedly subjected to a Farage instigated witch-hunt if he knew their identities.

We at Junius will keep you fully informed of all new developments in the case.

We would suggest that Nigel Farage thinks very carefully about standing against the Speaker. A lot could happen between now and the General Election. You will only bring the Euro-realist movement into disrepute if you continue with your ludicrous anti-sleaze campaign. So what did happen to the £2 million you claimed in expenses?

Nigel Farage could very well find himself in the same dock as Tom Wise before the next year is out.

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