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Monday, 16 November 2009

UKIP leadership election: Farage does it yet again!

At the hustings in Birmingham Lord Pearson told members that he was “deeply embarrassed" by Farage’s outburst on the Daily Politics Show. See: LINK

He also claimed to have given Farage “a rocket” and went on to assure them that he did not share Nigel’s assessment of the other candidates.

The 50 or so members who bothered to attend seemed satisfied with this.

All very good. But then we find this posted on the UKIP members only forum:

I have spoken to Nigel today with regards to his remarks made on the Politics Show, I am posting this thread today with his authorisation -

Nigel made the remarks on the show as he had become increasingly concerned after speaking to UKIPs 3 major donors.

All three donors voiced there opinions VERY strongly to Nigel with regards to the Leadership Race and all three advised him that the only credible candidate in THEIR opinion was Lord Pearson.

Without their financial support Nigel feels there would be very serious implications for UKIP. Please take a moment to think seriously, that if we are to continue fighting we need our financial donors to stay with us, if Lord Pearson does not win this Leadership Race our backers feel we may lose our credability
as Political Party.

End of article. As it is so badly written we can assume Malcolm Wood wrote it - Malcolm is the RO for the South West and is currently helping Lord Pearson in his campaign to succeed Farage.

So far from regretting his outburst Farage decides to have yet another dig at Nattrass, Batten, Sinclaire and Wood!

So once again Farage breaks all the rules:

CAMPAIGNING. Candidates and their supporters shall conduct campaigning activities in a friendly and constructive manner, and in accordance with the Party Constitution. In the case of a serious breach, the Returning Officer may disqualify the candidate from the election. No candidate may make unauthorised use of the Party membership lists. The National Executive Committee will endeavour to arrange a series of hustings at which all candidates will be invited to appear.

So will Lord Pearson be having another word with Nigel or does he agree with the statement as posted on the UKIP Forum?

We at Junius can confirm that numerous complaints have been made to the Returning Officer over Farage’s attempts to rig the election in favour of his chosen candidate.

But as Zuckerman is a card carrying Farage sycophant we don’t expect any action.

Also see: LINK


Eric Edmond said...

No mention of major donor angle in actual Neil interview.

Junius said...

Farage tells so many lies that even he can't tell fact from fiction!