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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

UKIP leadership election: More on Mike Nattrass

The leadership candidacy of wannabee page three girl Mike Nattrass is becoming increasingly embarrassing.

Mike "nobody told me I had to f***ing think for myself" Nattrass has zero support from the other MEPs, one of whom said "We assumed he would lose his seat, so we stopped worrying about him. We didn't think he would come back as a bloody leadership candidate. Its a joke, right?"

Nattrass once sacked Annabelle Fuller from her position on his parliamentary committee, and replaced her with Adrian Muldrew, later to become Roger Knapman's assistant. Farage at that time wanted to dump Miss Fuller completely, but she (ahem) wormed her way into his heart, and her continued employment was assured.

Mike believes that because he allowed UKIP to use his offices in somewhere-in-the-Black-Country for a few months, he is a player in British politics. Mike... to become a player, you have to turn up from time to time. there is more to politics than a nice long lunch, but of course you would not know that, because nobody told you, did they?

So the next time you have ambitions to lose a UKIP leadership election can you at least try to be in the UK for the campaign?

Wearing your heart on your sleeve and handing out fivers in the Philippines is not going to do your cause or your creditability a lot of good with many UKIPPERS back home!

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