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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

UKIP: Nigel Farage showing the strain

More than one associate of Nigel Farage has commented on how strained he looks. His 'frog' eyes look bloodshot, his hair is greying fast, he breaks out in sweats, and his skin is pale. He is drinking heavily - very close to becoming an alcoholic - and even his paranoia is getting worse.

He was furious that Gerard Batten was featured on the front page of the Express. He was even less happy with the coverage given to Batten after he exposed Neil Kinnock’s secret talks with the Soviets during the Cold War. And don't even mention Baroness Ashton and the CND. Batten beat him to that as well.

And allowing yourself to be photographed holding a little UK flag while under the influence is rather silly. Nigel, you never know where that photo may turn up!

So what could be causing NF's current health problems?

Could it be the OLAF investigation into UKIP’s MEPs and their paid staff? It's hotting up!

Could it be his current marital problems?

Could it be that his latest mistress wants more than just a fling?

Annabelle Fuller did and look what happened to her! Annabelle, we hope the scars have healed.

Could it be that more than one UKIP MEP is threatening to leave the EFD?

Could it be the problems over UKIP becoming a pan-European party? Several of his fellow MEPs are not happy!

Could it be his recent rows with Batten and Colman?

Could it be the worry that Lord Pearson will not be as compliant as Farage hoped?

Could it be the rumour that a national newspaper has certain compromising photos? These photos are said to feature a prominent member of UKIP.

We at Junius really do hate to see Nigel suffer so. So why not resign before it is too late?

Nigel, standing as an anti-sleaze candidate in Buckinghamshire is just plain silly. Calling yourself anti-sleaze is like the Pope calling himself a muslim.

Give it up or face further exposure in the media.

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