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Thursday, 26 November 2009

UKIP News: The leadership election & Dr Edmond on Paul Nuttall

The leadership election

Tomorrow we will know the result. It is very likely to be Lord Pearson. But will he be willing to reform the party and put Farage firmly in his place?

Mike Nattrass was always the joke candidate. The fool deserves to come last.

Gerard Batten is a coward. Time and time again he has ignored corruption in UKIP for the sake of his career as an MEP.

The Junius team feel that Nikki Sinclaire and Alan Wood are the best candidates.

We wish them well in their bid to become leader of UKIP.

Paul Nuttall

The odious Paul Nuttall is apparently determined to go down in history as UKIP‘s foremost idiot.

This title had been held by Mike Nattrass. We hope that he won’t be too upset losing his crown to UKIP's very own wannabee Mussolini.

Here is an extract from Dr Edmond’s blog:

I was going to write about another Nuttall gaffe on the 5 pm radio 4 programme last night querying the inspection frequency of Cumbria bridges. An incredulous engineer and interviewer explained in words of one syllable to Nuttall that the inspection frequency of two years was the recommended one and had nothing to do with the disaster. That was caused by extraordinary water flows. Nuttall then went on that a lot of these failed bridges were very old. That makes the engineer's point! These bridges had stood for hundreds of years. It shows how exceptional the conditions were. Some Roman bridges have stood for 2000 years. Nuttall gets the wrong end of the stick yet again. Old bridges were built stronger and more durably than modern bridges. Look at Brunel's GWR bridges. Nuttall is supposed to have a history degree. Some degree that must be!

End of extract.

To see the original: LINK

Dr Edmond was thrown off UKIP's NEC for raising concerns about UKIP corruption. Freedom of speech is not an option in Farage's UKIP!

So where did Nuttall get his history degree? Toys R Us?

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Generalissimo Election said...

I believe he got his degree from Lincoln University, formerly Lincoln Technical College or something similar.