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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Meet the Junius Team: David Bannerman

David Fido Bannerman - pictured above - has been a member of the Junius Team for a year.

Our David Bannerman is unique as he has never claimed to be related to a British prime minister. Unlike the other Bannerman he also makes a point of not going to certain 'clubs' in Brussels or Strasbourg.

He joined the team after Nigel Farage made an attempt to sneak into our office and steal a stapler. We understand Nigel wanted it for a bizarre sex game involving Annabelle Fuller and a tub of clotted cream.

David guarantees that any future attempt to enter our office will result in 'terminal action' being taken against the intruder.

Paul Nuttall, you have been warned!

1 comment:

Greg L-W. said...


I do believe you over estimate the extent of Annabelle's alleged injury on that occasion; but I am fortunate to be, what would seem; one of the minority who would not have been privy to such display!

Offices and Officers are as easily abused as Office in EUkip, it would seem!

Greg L-W.