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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Michael Zuckerman & the UKIP leadership candidates website

We would urge all UKIPPERs to look at the unofficial UKIP candidates website.

To view it click here: UKIP

Very informative and also very amusing!

It will come as no surprise that Michael Zuckerman has banned all references to the site from the UKIP/Farage Sycophants member's forum.

It is rather worrying to hear that Zuckerman is the Returning Officer for the election. As Zuckerman is a card carrying Farage sycophant I would urge the candidates - especially Nikki- to keep a close eye on him.

This is the same Michael Zuckerman who fully approved giving the odious Paul Nuttall fascist style powers to remove so-called malcontents from the party.

This is the same Michael Zuckerman who has been described by Farage as “a famous West End lawyer”. Famous to who? Farage‘s latest mistress?

This is the same Michael Zuckerman who supported the decision to remove David Abbott and Eric Edmond from UKIP’s NEC. Their only crime? To raise concerns about corruption in UKIP. Another example of his fascism.

This is the same Michael Zuckerman who advised Farage to contest the £18,481 fine handed down to UKIP after the party was found guilty of taking illegal donations.

This crass decision led to UKIP being fined £363,697, plus costs. So much for UKIP’s famous legal expert!

Here is what David Abbott has to say about Zuckerman:

“At the time of the original hearing the NEC had members who recommended paying the 18,000, admitting the party's 'error' and getting on with campaigning. The secretary (who is a famous West End lawyer, according to Mr Farage), and Mr Farage himself were ardently against this sensible approach.”

We at Junius strongly advise UKIP’s new leader to sack Zuckerman at the earliest opportunity. The man is a liability and a fool. Get rid of him before his ‘expertise’ lands you and UKIP in another heap of dung!

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