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Monday, 9 November 2009

UKIP: Let us all shed a few more tears for Nigel Farage

Is Iain Dale finally falling out of love with our Nigel?

From Iain Dale's Diary

6th November

Farage Goes Ballistic Over Commons Ban

Nigel Farage has thrown his toys out of his pram, and accused the House of Commons authorities of being "fascistic", after the Commons decided to withdraw Commons passes from serving MEPs.

Labour's John Mann had tried to get Nick Griffin banned from holding a pass, but it was felt the only way this could be achieved was to withdraw passes from all MEPs. In an interview with talkSPORT's Sean Dilley, Farage declared...

“It’s absolutely monstrous! Over the last ten years I’ve used my Palace of Westminster pass a lot. I’m here all the time and to be denied access to this place because a bunch of yobbos [in reference to the BNP] get 6.2% of the vote, because of the Government’s failed policies on immigration, is absolutely ludicrous.

For goodness sake, we’ve had convicted murderers, we’ve had Sinn Fein IRA who’ve had passes to this place. I’m absolutely furious about it. Those that campaign most vociferously against fascism are nearly always fascistic in their own tendencies and always seek, like Peter Hain, to ban free speech. They’re not living on the same planet as the rest of us.”

The UKIP Leader slated his colleagues in the European Parliament for their apathy and failing to lobby the Westminster Parliament into returning the security passes to MEP’s. “They haven’t got the courage to do it,” he said. “Oh no, if we did that we’d be seen to be supporting the BNP.”

I have to say I have never quite understood why MEPs had passes to the building in the first place, so I can't get as excited as Nigel Farage about this.

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Poor Nigel. No more subsidised Commons booze. Is it time to go back to the 'Annabelle Fuller Arms' and enjoy all the comforts offered by the plump one?

Has Farage forgotten that he was elected to the Euro Parliament? We all know that he has failed miserably to get us out of the EU but why should he be allowed to swan around the Westminster bars at the taxpayers expense?

If only Nigel had got as worked up over the Lisbon Treaty. So would he care to explain why he failed to campaign against it in the UK?

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