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Saturday, 4 September 2010

More UKIP News

Gerard Batten: Gay Icon?

Gerard Batten raised quite a few eyebrows at the conference with his pink suit, yellow tie and very fetching yellow hanky. It appears that Tim’s dream to turn Gerard into UKIP’s very own Oscar Wilde has finally been fulfilled. We had heard that Tim and Gerard were close but we had no idea that Tim had become Gerard’s fashion guru as well!

So who was the slightly camp man telling people ‘not to crowd Gerard’ at the conference? Was this the mysterious Tim? We do know is that Tim usually posts within walking distance of a certain London theatre.

For those who are who unaware, Tim is a regular poster on the British Democracy Forum. He describes himself as ‘Gerard’s biggest fan’ and very often reaches a state of extacy when describing his hero.

Here is recent example:

Gerard great as always. He looked lovely in his pinkish UKIP suit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am glad he picked that one. I knew he would look fantastic in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A suitable boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We note that Tim has resurrected his moving ‘Vote Gerard Batten’ blog. We advise our readers to read it. It really has to be seen to be believed. But at least the colour matches Gerard's suit! See: LINK

Wags have suggested that Gerard was also wearing matching pink and yellow underpants.

Would Tim like to confirm this?

And now prepare to enter the Junius Time Machine.......

The year is 2016 and UKIP has swept to victory under Gerard’s dynamic leadership. Gerard is now Prime Minister of Great Britain. Nigel Farage has retired to Monaco where he spends his time deflowering the local virgins. Tim has become Gerard's personal advisor but has changed his name to Sebastian as he thinks it sounds more imposing. Tim is less than pleased to hear Gerard's latest news:

Sorry Tim but we couldn't resist it. No hard feelings. We did like Gerard's speech!

1 comment:

Greg L-W. said...


are you sure that that is a hanky in sweet little Gerard's top pocket - I heard from Tim it MIGHT be a betting slip from William Hills as although Batten is a poor judge of characters (note his staff member who lied on her NEC form) and of course besides the lies of Mick McGough we should remember the coloured woman who pretended she had, like McGough, stood in elections!!!

Batten may well be untrustworthy but he has an eye for making money out of politics for himself - I expect it is a betting slip backing Farage to win.

Politics is the pragmatic art of the possible!

Now Bannerman is standing Batten hasn't a hope as Bannermann won't take votes off of Farage they will be from Congdon and Batten as intended to give Farage a clear run and in return Batten will be rewarded with a big sloppy kiss on his wallet in some way.

UKIP members sold down the river by the filth they have for leaders and the parasites AGAIN!