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Thursday, 9 September 2010

UKIP News: Hermann Kelly ejected from EU Parliament, Nikki slams the EFD, Clark's Communications Director and Croucher faces bankruptcy

Hermann Kelly and 'friend' enjoy a quiet drink. And Andrew Edwards is STILL a lot cheaper than Derek Bennett!

Mr Hermann Kelly ejected from EU Parliament

MEPs were scandalised in Brussels by the news that they faced fines if they did not attend Barroso's "State of the Union" speech. Farage summed it all up when he asked "Will they have a guard with a Luger to shoot the first one who stops clapping?"

Farage was, however, being somewhat disingenuous. As the co-President of the EFD group in the European Parliament, he must surely be aware that his group, represented by Francesco Speroni of Lega Nord, at the Conference of Presidents meeting in Brussels on September 2nd, agreed in principle to the imposition of sanctions on MEPs who failed to attend Barroso's address, and to refer the matter to the Parliament's bureau to decide on the nature of said sanctions.

As well as criticising sanctions that his own group had helped to instigate, Farage's delegation then appeared to be trying to distort the attendance record of its own MEPs. David Bannerman MEP had failed to turn up for the address, but his seat in the hemicycle had been filled by a member of his staff. Hermann Kelly, EFD press officer, was subsequently ejected from Bannerman's seat by security staff, following objections by MEPs.

We would hope that the MEPs knew that the sanctions were abandoned, and that this was not an attempt to claim allowances on behalf of the absent Bannerman.

For more on Kelly: LINK

Nikki slams the EFD Group

Good for her!

Derek Clark’s Director of Communications

Who is Clark’s new 'Director of Communications?

Was the job advertised?

Does he earn £ 60,000 per annum?

Does he have a chauffeur? Is it true that his employer has taken a liking to chauffeured driving!

Where is he based?

Will he reverse the decline in members? UKIP East Midlands is now down to 820.

Want to find out more? Write to the following:

We hear that a highly remunerated UKIP/EU employee may assist with enquiries. He has been assisting OLAF with their enquiries and is understood to be very helpful upon occasions.......

Mark Croucher facing bankruptcy

We were pleased to hear that Mr Croucher – MEP Press Officer – is to face bankruptcy. Process Servers are seeking to serve papers on him after failing to honour the judgement of a British court. See: LINK

Mr Croucher even has a blog in his own name. That does makes a change. It seems he doesn't have many thoughts....


The address is a bit tasteless.

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