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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

UKIP: Nigel, David & Nikki

Nigel is STILL spitting feathers!

Nigel is still upset about that Bannerman speech or so he claims!

We should tell you that Bannerman’s speech was not written by him. It was too good! See: LINK

We are not surprised that David wants to run UKIP. He has done comedy before.

Little known Bannerman facts:

At University he appeared as Biggles in ‘Biggles the Musical’ and as a Welshman in ‘Barthomolew Fair‘. He was crap!

He later wrote and directed a comedy revue for at the Bedlam Theatre, entitled ‘The Brick Programme’. Some wags later suggested that Bannnerman should have been sent to Bedlam permanently.

He also co-wrote and presented a comedy revue at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Critics panned the show.

He had dreams of becoming a famous Hollywood script writer. He failed.

David Bannerman – once a comic, always a comic. Just watch his EU speeches on Youtube!

Nikki Sinclaire in New Europe

UKIP: Smears and signatures

Nikki Sinclaire MEP, who left the Europe of Freedom and Democracy over allegations of extremism and homophobia, has started a petition in the UK, asking for a referendum on EU membership.

She believes that the UK is, in practice, neither in or out of the union and is dithering on the sidelines. Although she is a strong supporter of leaving the EU, she wants to have a genuine referendum, with both sides of the argument being able to make their case in a fair contest.

So far, she has collected over 10,000 signatures, 10% of her 100,000 target. This has put the UK Independence Party in a bit of a spot. They are hurrying out their own petition, so the Brits will at least get a choice of which petition to sign. To outsiders, it looks like the typical chaos surrounding the party. Sinclaire is visiting all the party conferences, starting with UKIP, who are meeting in Torquay, the home town of Basil Fawlty, where she will be holding a fringe event. Meanwhile, UKIP are holding elections for their National Executive, which has run into problems.

Godfrey Bloom MEP sent out a letter and sample ballot form to members, where he had considerately filled in the ‘right’ candidates for them. The night before Sinclaire’s fringe meeting about her petition, Tory blogger Iain Dale reported that, the newly formed NEC, “were told that former UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclaire MEP is currently under investigation by OLAF, the EU Anti-Fraud Unit, and the West Midlands Economic Crime Unit on allegations of misuse of European Parliamentary allowances.”

He added that the meeting had been presented with documentary evidence.

Impeccable timing!

A well placed source has told New Europe that OLAF is not investigating Sinclaire and West Midland Police have insisted to us that they have not initiated an investigation into the MEP

To see the original: LINK

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