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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

UKIP: Soner Çağaptay & the EFD

Soner Çağaptay of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy is a right-of-centre writer on the subject of Turkish accession to the EU. He is described by critics as having an "apparent distance from scholarly objectivity". Actually, his work would probably reflect the opinions of most Conservative/UKIP members (take what you will from that remark), and his critics might also be as easily accused of bias as he himself is.

He becomes interesting to us, because we note that he will addressing a meeting of the "Turkish Assessment Group", a front group for the neo-Nazi infiltrated EFD group in the European Parliament on September 29th.

This is the group organised by convicted racist Morten Messerschmidt, which boasts among its supporters the BNP leader Nick Griffin. Griffin was famously photographed at a meeting organised by Messerschmidt, and to the embarrassment of UKIP (which tries to hide its far right connections) the photo appeared on the EFD group website.

The BNP's Nick Griffin. Photo as featured on the EFD website.

We wonder if Soner Çağaptay knows exactly who he will be addressing. We suspect he soon will.


Anonymous said...

I always saw Nick as more of a Stuka man myself....but there you go. At least we know that when it comes to planes, Nigel Farrago is definitely a kamikaze pilot.
Junius, what are we to do? UKIP is run by Numpties, and is a donkey failing to lead the 47% who want out of the EU.
Is secession anywhere on the Westminster radar? It is not. And you having been kind enough to donate an RSS link to The Slog, some readers will already know what a complete bunch of lying whatnots the Tory Troika has been about EU bonkersness.
Either way, keep it up: especially the truth about Turkey. Bloody terrific site, thoroughly nice bloke etc etc etc.

Junius said...

John, Thanks for your kind comments.

Tim Congdon is UKIP's last hope. Another Farage stint as leader will mean the end of UKIP.

We like your blog too!

Greg_L-W. said...


I largely agree with Junius AND John Ward - clearly the majority of the British peoples want OUT of The EU.

Virtually all of UKIP members want OUT of The EU yet at elections due largely to the risible incompetence of the clowns leading and running UKIP they only get 3.1% of the vote.

Not that the public do not support UKIP it is that NO ONE trusts UKIP leadership and with the liars, fools, self enriching self serving trash they have at the top who could vote for them who knows a thing about them!

In terms of 'hope' have a look at:
Its a thought an idea and a concept - as yet not a promise ;-)


Greg_L-W. said...


Junius - though I largely agree - I do find a couple of things a problem with Tim Congdon's campaign concerning:

01. Steve Allison's involvement as her is as far as I can work out a political prostitute and goes to the highest bidder and thus based upon track record I see him as Nigl's property bought and paid for and thus willing and able to jump ship at a critical time for Congdon.

02. CR@P web site dated, muddled, lacks clarity - too wordy and not user friendly - inl. old style with even square UKIP logo of yester year rather than nice new shiny button!

03. Lack of clear cut vision though better than Farage.

04. Lack of charisma.

05. Been up a while and no change 1/2hr. ago yet there is a mass of easy infill.

06. Terrible pic. (nice prints Rowlandson?