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Saturday, 18 September 2010

UKIP: A UKIPPER on UKIP & More from Dr Edmond

Another disillusioned UKIPPER - Matt Smith - speaks out.....

We all know the majority of UKIP members are non racist open minded members of society, as I would like to think I am!

However I encountered a wing of the party the other day which is far from open minded.

It all stemmed from when I and 2 others dared to disagree with party policy on the smoking ban. I am a supporter of the ban however as you probably know UKIP is against the ban, this isn’t the point however, at first all was going fine abit of friendly debate and so on. Then Mr UKIP arrives, accusing me of being a traitor! Why? I dared to disagree with the party's talisman Nigel Farage’s stance on something, a letter has now been sent to my branch manager requesting my expulsion from the party, need I say more about this Mr UKIP if he has time to waste writing letters about me.

I just thought I’d tell you that story because it backs up my point that, there is an extremest wing in UKIP that belongs in the BNP. Its a dangerous thing that these people claim to be UKIP supporters and go around mis-quoting party policy giving the rest of us a bad name. Therefore I see it as essential that the next party leader purges the party ranks of these people before it gets too big of a problem to solve quietly.

The type of extremism varies in UKIP from racists to authoritarians etc. It worries me that these people can shout that they are UKIP members from the rooftops and give party policy over in a false way, it is damaging for the party and if nothing is done it is the sort of problem that can destroy the party from the inside.
If UKIP really does have ambitions of joining the ‘big 3′ and turning it into the ‘big 4′ which they do, extremism has to disappear from the party and not return.

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And this from Dr Edmond.....

Tea Party brews trouble for UKIP

Inspired by the success of the American campaign activists at the coming Tory conference will hold a rally ostensibly to air criticism of Coalition policies but the hidden agenda will be to set up a Tea Party umbrella organisations to bring together the various right wing smaller government lower tax pressure groups like the Tax Payers Alliance and the Freedom Association.

This spells big trouble for UKIP as Daniel Hanaan, Tory MEP is expected to play a big part in making the tea and clearly smaller government fits rather nicely with leaving the EU. Farage's UKIP, is looking rather stale and a party incapable of delivering. Right wingers are frustrated and they are looking for something new and fresh. They will of course recruit largely from the ranks of disillusioned Tories many of whom are currently in UKIP. I expect it will recruit and run via Facebook and similar Internet Services at low cost and high penetration.

Worse for UKIP is that David Davies whom Dave defeated in the Tory leadership election, is on the fringes of this movement and may even speak at the fringe tea party. And there are a number of other Tory MPs on the fringes.

Cameron is worried and is scuppering plans for more 'Open Primaries' where genuinely local and independent PPCs may be selected like the GP lady in the South West. The Tories will retain control of the candidate list but for how long.

In these circumstances UKIP needs a re-brand fast and that's not going to happen if Farage is returned as leader. Even with a new leader the tide may already have turned against UKIP. Farage and his Cabal have squandered UKIP's chances and I cannot see the British people giving them a third chance now an attractive and far more effective alternative is available.

It will of course leave the EU protest vote under Tory control just like under Pearson. Plus ca change.. as the French say.

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