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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

UKIP leadership election news

We have been informed that Mad Monckton has been thinking of pulling out of the leadership race. He was supposed to have made his final decision today. We do wish that he would make his mind up!

Gerard Batten and Tim Congdon have both requested the membership database after learning that Farage and his supporters were using it to contact members. Members were 'advised' that Nigel was the 'best and most experienced candidate' during these calls. It came as no surprise to hear that both Congdon and Batten have been denied the database.

Farage's supporters claim that the ex-leader has only been using the South East database. Lies! We have had it confirmed that UKIPPERS from other regions also received calls from Farage or his sycophants. During these calls UKIPPERS were asked to support Farage.

Gerard Batten has been asked to stand down by Roger Knapman and endorse Tim Congdon's campaign. Batten has declined as he feels that this may be his last chance to become UKIP leader.

It is expected that the Earl of Dartmouth will endorse Farage. He had originally promised to support Congdon.

Tim Congdon's campaign website should be up and running by Friday.

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