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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

UKIP News: Monckton says he will stand, Farage abusing the membership database and Trevor's motion

Monckton to stand in UKIP leadership race

A colleague has informed the trusty Junius Team that Mad Monckton WILL be standing in the leadership election. He seems to think that his ‘aristocratic’ background will win him a lot of votes. How spiffin! We are so glad. That will give us the chance to release some interesting emails and more facts about the Mad Earl.

Naughty Farage

Nigel Farage has been very busy lately. He has been using the UKIP database in order to phone members and ask them for their vote in the upcoming leadership election. He has gone out of his way to ‘advise’ members that the other candidates lack the ‘experience’ and ‘necessary qualities’ needed for the role.

So what qualities would they be? Trousering millions? Committing adultery? Chucking out anyone he doesn’t agree with you? Being an ass and a drunk?

So have the other leadership candidates been allowed access to UKIP’s national membership database? We hear not. And so the dirty tricks begin!

Trevor's UKIP Conference Motion

Remember when Trevor Colman’s proposed a motion that future membership of any pan-European group should be put to a vote of the ordinary members? Tim Congdon spoke strongly in support of this motion. Farage spoke against. It was passed by the overwhelming majority of UKIPPERS present at the conference.

The NEC and Farage have decided to ignore it and carry on regardless. So much for democracy and the wishes of the ordinary membership! And they have the nerve to attack the EU!

Now what did the odious Nuttall say in the last edition of Independence News?

“The membership retains control of the party, and ensures that UKIP remains a bottom up organisation”.

“The NEC is, in effect, the custodians of the party, who represent the wishes of the membership and keep the elected representatives and leadership in check”

Yeah, right! UKIP is about as democratic as the Nazi Party. And the only ‘bottom up’ that we can think of is when the odious Paul 'Benito' Nuttall is bonking Aurelie Laloux - pictured above - behind his partner’s back.


Eric Edmond said...

Should Mme Laloux not be wearing a for coat?

Junius said...

No doubt! The odious Nuttall has a very POOR taste in women!