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Thursday, 9 September 2010

UKIP: More scandals, more idiots

Ms Liz Burton: No Fool Like An Old Fool.

More on Elizabeth Burton and that NEC count

The UKIP spin machine has failed to exonerate Ms Burton.

Here are the facts:

She was allowed to open ballot envelopes.

She was allowed to handle and count the voting slips.

She was allowed to bin rejected voting slips.

One NEC candidate has written statements from people who witnessed Burton doing this.

And what about John Knott’s statement?

"Elizabeth Burton did sit at the envelope opening when assisting opening envelopes at the first stage. When I noticed her she immediately agreed to move.

At no time was she in a position to influence counting of her votes. I was supervising her [and others] and am convinced there was no irregularity".

He was supposed to be supervising the opening of the envelopes. So how did he manage to avoid seeing Ms Burton at the table? How long was she allowed to handle votes before he finally noticed her? And of course there was an 'irregularity'. Burton should have been nowhere near the counting tables!

And let us not forget Godfrey’s Bloom’s attempts to influence the election by sending out a letter advising candidates how to vote? Nothing has been done about that either!

Douglas 'Himmler' Denny – NEC member and serial idiot – has vainly tried to defend Ms Burton in a badly written reply on the British Democracy Forum:

No idea! Who cares?

Providing it is done in a resonably efficient manner. So EB made a small slip-up in protocols. It was spotted quickly it seems by the supervising retuning officer, big deal!

The scene is obvious: nice, pleasant, not-so young now lady wishes to help with mound of envelopes spewed out on table. Dismayed few helpers sigh at huge pile of paperwork to open: "Oh! I 'll help you open them" says nice lady. No one thinks: hang on, this is not correct procedure: until supervisor comes by - Oi! wot you doin? you should be watching not helping". "Oh! dear!" says nice lady "Didn't think of that". {Silly girl. No harm done - Big deal}.

She did not presumably eat them on the spot if they did not have her name on them, slip them down her bra or secrete them behind the radiator.

Geoffrey Collier replied:

Douglas Denny: Are you really satisfied with an election that was, so it appears, conducted at the lowest possible standard? After the completion of the count, no Declaration was made; none of the official observers can be named, that supposing they ever existed; and the count, apparently, took place in more than one room. Following this exercise in democracy, it took two days before the votes cast for each candidate was declared.

It is an offence against the membership to even try and justify this shambles. A former member of the NEC told me that in exchange for his train fare being paid, and a packed lunch, Mr Denny would support or vote for anything. The vast majority of the membership, who are decent people, would not support view about this election - was a disgrace. I believe that my specific questions which I asked previously should be answered. When these are the accepted standards can it be wondered why 90% of membership donations never reached the Party? Not a single penny can be found which was donated to UKIP Friends of Israel.

This Party is rotting due to the absence of any decent practices. We need to change, and change rapidly.

End of quotes.

And this from Dr Edmond's blog:

Meanwhile back at the ranch McTrough is showing he can step into Dippy's Cuban heels at a moments notice. Both he and Dippy are posting great heaps of crap smearing Nikki Sinclaire the only UKIP MEP trying to do anything in the UK to oppose the EU. With men such as these on the NEC the Fuerher has little to fear on the home front. The Fuerher however still sulks in the Fuerherbunker in Brussels after his recent reverses in Basil Fawlty land.

I note that the acting returning officer has issued a somewhat late statement confirming my blog last week on the NEC election count. I quote Mr Knott's statement,

"Elizabeth Burton did sit at the envelope opening when assisting opening envelopes at the first stage. When I noticed her she immediately agreed to move.

At no time was she in a position to influence counting of her votes. I was supervising her [and others] and am convinced there was no irregularity."

Barboo on the Democracy Forum summarises the counts failings re Elizabeth Burton thus:

'She was more than close to the counting, she was assisting opening the envelopes! Did opening envelopes include discarding as invalid those ballot papers that were returned in the same envelope, as per the instructions: "Only ONE ballot paper to go into each envelope. Envelopes containing more than one ballot paper will be declared invalid"?

The acting returning officer clearly didn't have proper control of the operation if someone was able to start opening envelopes without his permission, and if Elizabeth Burton moved immediately he noticed her, at what stage and for what reason did he have cause to supervise her? She shouldn't have been doing anything that required supervising! '

And Yes, according to independent allegations from two of my sources, is the answer to Barboo's question about EB being involved in determining and discarding 'invalid' ballot papers.

If John Knott is convinced there was no irregularity in a candidate handling envelopes and ballot papers at all, let alone without him being aware of it until he happened to notice her, then he clearly wasn't a suitable person to be in charge of the count.

When do we hear from the official UKIP returning officer Zuckerman on this fiasco?

Interesting how Mr Knott could supervise counting in two rooms at once! I therefore cannot see how Mr Knott can state there was no irregularity. It was a clear breach of vote counting practice to allow a candidate to be involved and to have the count in two separate rooms. That is quite sufficient in any court to have the election results voided. UKIP should rerun the whole NEC elections using the ERS.

Elizabeth Burton should of course immediately resign from the NEC. She has shown a complete ignorance of proper electoral practice and deplorable lack of judgement.

I trust UKIP will now employ the ERS for all future elections as I, Del and David called for two years ago. Its too important to be left to bungling amateurs.

Yet again the truth has emerged from non-UKIP sources and the usual lies and disinformation from the UKIP Cabal sycophants. As usual there will be no apology from UKIP, no resignation from Elizabeth Burton and no rerun of a clearly flawed election. Just the same behaviour as we see from our Europhile political class! They are both as bad as each other with neither integrity or honour.

UKIP has no moral authority to call for the UK government to honour its promises on a Lisbon Treaty referendum when it behaves in such an anti-democratic dishonourable manner itself

End of quote. To see original: LINK

Would you trust UKIP to run the country? They can't even run an internal election without making a total mess of it. An NEC candidate is allowed to count votes. A UKIP MEP is allowed to influence the vote and nothing is done. And to make it worse an NEC member then tries to defend the corruption on a public forum. They don't learn, they don't care and they see this kind of thing as perfectly acceptable behaviour. Nuff said!

Back by popular demand! The Gerard and Tim Show!

Another visit to the Junius Time Machine.

The year is 2017 and Gerard's UKIP has swept to power. The odious Paul Nuttall has moved to Italy and married Mussolini's granddaughter. Tim Sebastian has been appointed Gerard’s personal adviser.

Gerard is now the most popular prime minister in British history. We join Gerard and Tim at their morning briefing.

Wolfman McGough: Aren’t you just glad he’s on the NEC?

The Wolfman - pictured above - will clearly feel at home with the rest of the intellectually challenged misfits that currently make up UKIP's NEC.

Taken from the British Democracy Forum:

Originally Posted by mick mcgough

So he,Edmundo,Juniarse and Greg Lee Whatisname are all peddling lies.

The Chepstow sword of truth ,held valiantly by the Chepstow Bore with the transgender ponytail is somewhat bent.I hope Herr Doctors reports for the BoE WERE MORE ACCURATE THAN HIS DODGY BLOG and that of glw.

And here is a reply from Brian Lee, a former senior UKIPPER.

Originally Posted by Brian Lee

Many of us may be misguided, but the above puerile attack indicates that the UKIP membership is likely to gain very little benefit from having elected the poster to the NEC.

What Mr McGough fails to realise is that many of the contributors to this forum might still be active in, or promoting, UKIP if they had not lost all faith in the people who are running it.

End of quote.

If McGough had any brain cells they would die of loneliness.

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