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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

UKIP: Burton & Zuckerman

Elizabeth Burton

Statement from John Knott – UKIP Returning Officer:

"Elizabeth Burton did sit at the envelope opening when assisting opening envelopes at the first stage. When I noticed her she immediately agreed to move.

At no time was she in a position to influence counting of her votes. I was supervising her [and others] and am convinced there was no irregularity".

So if there was 'no irregularity’ why was she ordered to move away from the table? And what of the witness who clearly saw her handling voting slips?

More spin from UKIP’s corrupt leadership! Another rigged UKIP election is allowed to stand.

It was Elizabeth Burton who 'seconded' Douglas Denny's motion for the Ashford Call Centre to be taken under direct control of the NEC. She also seemed strangely indifferent to minor points such as first having the accounts audited.

When last on the NEC would frequently ask Farage how he wanted her to vote!

Thinks that it is natural for men to get erections in a hot bath. Gawain Towler was pleased with that one!

Declines to give her age. It is not surprising when you consider that she is actually in her late 80’s!


It has been confirmed. Zuckerman has tendered his resignation as Secretary of UKIP. A replacement is now being sought. See: LINK

He won’t be missed. Another Farage sycophant without a shred of honour or integrity. Good riddance!

He is claiming ‘work commitments’ as the reason behind his decision. Oh, really?

We heard it had a lot more to do with your unhappiness with the anti-Jewish elements in the EFD and your failure to get rid of Batten as UKIP’s London MEP. Zuckerman always harboured dreams of replacing Batten as London's lead MEP candidate.

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