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Monday, 13 September 2010

UKIP North East Regional Organiser facing court action

We have mentioned Gordon Parkin in a previous Junius post. See: LINK

Mr Parkin is one of those obnoxious little people that always seem to rise to the top of the UKIP sceptic tank.

Mr Parkin and UKIP now face legal action from a UKIPPER – Alan Hardy - after they unlawfully banned him from attending UKIP meetings in the region. See documents at the top of this post. The case is due to be heard this month. UKIP and Parkin's legal costs are now already over £5000. The case was due to be heard at the High Court (Middlesbrough District Registry) on 23rd September. However, Mr Hardy is seeking to get the date brought forward.

And what was Mr Hardy’s crime? He had the audacity to voice concerns about the collapse of UKIP in the north east and Parkin’s role in it!

Parkin has - on no known authority - suspended another member, David Himmelblau, for the crime of associating with Mr Hardy. How very EUKIP!

Mr Parkin is very much your average Farage sycophant.

A little Hitler with delusions of grandeur.

As one UKIPPER has said to him:

"You act as if you are chairman of a branch comprising 1,000 members, 90% of whom would willing turn out in a Sunday-morning blizzard, replete with seventeen pint hangover, and leaflet from dawn 'til dusk with a song on their lips - while you stay cosy and warm at home having breakfast in bed."

The reality is somewhat different. UKIP NE is in terminal decline with membership falling and branches closing. The average age of a UKIPPER in the region is 70. Apathy is widespread. It is even worse than UKIP Scotland!

UKIPPERS in the NE have confirmed that Parkin is a complete liability. He refuses to leaflet, has declined to fight council elections and can barely write his name without making a spelling mistake. There have been numerous calls for him to resign but his loyalty to Farage has so far protected him.

He is also disliked in his own branch – Stockton/Teeside – where his dictatorial attitude has led to several resignations.

Parkin is the EU FUNDED regional organiser for the North East. He was also an MEP candidate.

Do you think that Mr Parkin should be funded by the British taxpayer? Is he worth a single Euro? The collapse of UKIP branches in the region and the total failure of UKIP to achieve ANYTHING electorally in the NE should tell you a thing or two about Mr Parkin's competence as an RO.

He can be contacted on:

Email: gordon.h.parkin@ntlworld.com

Tel: 07799 292019

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