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Saturday, 5 June 2010

UKIP: UKIP officials throw their toys out of the pram over defection

The hypocrisy of UKIP's leadership is simple staggering!

Last month we mentioned that a councillor had left UKIP to join an Independent Alliance. See: LINK

UKIP was none too pleased and is now demanding that the councillor - Martyn Aitken - reimburse them for their election expenses. They are also demanding that he stand down and seek re-election as an Independent.

Dave Pascoe, press officer for North East Ukip, said: "If he has acted out of principle, then he should stand down so we can have a by-election to give people the opportunity to see if they endorse his change of allegiances from Ukip".

So what about those councillors who have defected to UKIP? We don't recall UKIP's leadership demanding a by-election so that voters could endorse their change of allegiance!

Remember when Merthyr Tydfil councillors, Adam Brown and Neil “Jock” Greer, defected to UKIP? UKIP's leadership was positively over the moon.

UKIP welcomes Welsh councillors

Monday, 27th July 2009

The inroads made by Wales' first UKIP MEP John Bufton are starting to pay dividends at the local level.

After John's success in June's European elections, UKIP's support has grown in the Principality and now two popular councillors on the Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council have decided to join the Party ranks.

The pair are Adam Brown, pictured top, who is the first non-Labour councillor ever to be elected to represent the uncompromising Gurnos estate in Merthyr, and Jock Greer, pictured below, councillor for Penydarren ward.

The two are preparing to take their one cabinet and one scrutiny committee seats on the former Labour stronghold council soon.

Taken from the official UKIP website.

No mention of them standing down and seeking re-election as UKIP councillors!

should learn to practice what they preach.

The Hartlepool Mail has covered Mr Aitken's defection in some detail:

Call for breakaway councillor to repay Ukip cash

A COUNCILLOR who left the UK Independence Party to join a breakaway group has been asked to repay the money spent on his unsuccessful campaign to become an MP.

Regional party representatives have also challenged Hartlepool councillor Martyn Aiken – who has joined the Association of Independent Councillors – to stand in a by-election as an independent.

They also want him to donate the extra allowance he now receives as vice-chairman of Hartlepool Borough Council, after recently being voted in, to charity.

Coun Aiken – who said he will always put people ahead of party politics – said he worked hard during his campaign to become Easington MP in the General Election and that a by-election would cost taxpayers money.

Dave Pascoe, press officer for North East Ukip, said: "If he has acted out of principle, then he should stand down so we can have a by-election to give people the opportunity to see if they endorse his change of allegiances from Ukip.

"There was significant investment in Martyn's parliamentary election campaign, £500 on the deposit and about £400 on other costs.

"Within two weeks he has jumped ship and we now ask that he refunds that money.

"If, as he claims, he wants to serve the people of Hartlepool better, then he should donate the extra remuneration for being vice-chairman to charity, or refuse to accept it."

Coun Aiken landed 1,631 votes in the General Election, but that was not enough to keep the £500 deposit.

The Foggy Furze ward councillor said: "I put a lot of hard work and effort into my election campaign, but unfortunately it did not go to plan and I lost my £500 deposit.

"It was the Ukip party that approached me and persuaded me to stand in Easington.

"There was never any suggestion beforehand that if I lost the deposit I would have to return the deposit or other costs."

He added that he is still raising money for Ukip by selling items donated to him by party members as part of the election campaign.

Coun Aiken added: "I don't see the point in having a by-election and I don't see what good it will do the town.

"Do they want everybody who changes parties to fight a by-election? When I was a Ukip member it was all about reducing the council tax in Hartlepool, but a by-election would cost money."

He was elected vice-chairman at the recent annual meeting of Hartlepool Borough Council, and the extra allowance is £2,273 before tax.

That is on top of Coun Aiken's basic allowance of £5,767, which is also subject to tax.

Coun Aiken, who said he already supports local charities, added: "The vice-chair of the council role brings with it added work and responsibility and that justifies the allowance."Coun Aiken and 11 of the 13 councillors who were previously without any affiliation to any parties formed the Association of Independent Councillors last month.

To see the original: LINK

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