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Monday, 21 June 2010

UKIP: More on Farage's fascist friends in the EFD

The Slovak National Party – members of UKIP’s EFD Group – reacted rather badly to their massive defeat in the recent Slovakian national elections. Sadly for them, they will no-longer be able to prop up Smer - their coalition partner – in government. It is interesting to note that Smer is an offshoot of the old communist party.

Jan Slota – leader of the SNS – had this to say about their defeat:

"Homosexuals and Hungarians will begin to rule in this state, so thank you very much.”

Mr Slota has described Slovak’s Hungarian minority as a "a tumour on the body of the Slovak nation".

He also famously said that "in 1248 a Frankish bishop was amazed after visiting the Carpathian basin that God could have given such a beautiful country to such ugly people. He was referring to the old Hungarians, who were Mongoloid types with crooked legs and even more disgusting horses. Somehow these people have vanished. Who civilized them? Probably us, the Slovaks".

Mr Slota has gone on record as saying that the best way to treat gypsies is with a “long whip in a small yard”. He even once threatened to “sit in our tanks and destroy Budapest".

What a charming man!

Slota has called the fascist leader Jozef Tiso "one of the greatest sons of the Slovak nation". On February 17, 2000, 40 of the 41 city council members in Žilina, where Slota is mayor, voted to dedicate a plaque honouring Tiso.

Tiso was a friend and ally of Adolf Hitler. Hitler even went as far to praise Tiso’s anti-Jewish policies during a meeting with the Slovak leader in April, 1942.

So will Farage disown Slota for his comments. Will he condemn the SNS for their racism and bigotry? Fat chance! Being in control of a group and a larger budget means more to Farage than silly little things like principles, decency and integrity.

Nikki Sinclaire did the right thing in leaving the EFD. What a pity that her former colleagues are too cowardly to follow her. Or are they happy to sit with fascists?

From CNN:

Slovak voters have dumped their government, prompting one nationalist firebrand to warn that the country would now be run by "homosexuals and Hungarians," the Slovak news agency TASR reported Sunday.

Slovakia's governing center-left Smer-SD party came first in parliamentary elections, but center-right parties captured more seats overall and look more likely to be able to form the next government, TASR said, citing unofficial results.

Prime Minister Robert Fico's party actually increased its share of the vote and will have the largest number of seats in parliament by far, but will fall short of an overall majority.

A potential coalition of four center-right parties looks set to control 79 seats in the 150-seat legislature.

Former Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda's SKDU-DS party lost three seats, but Dzurinda could return to power because his party is the biggest of the four possible coalition parties.

Fico said he was willing to try to form or government or to lead the opposition, TASR reported.

Jan Slota, the firebrand leader of the Slovak National Party, was less sanguine about the results.
"Homosexuals and Hungarians will begin to rule in this state, so thank you very much," Slota said as exit polls showed his party losing power, according to TASR.

"I'm feeling like crying because of Slovaks. Let's wait for the (official) results ... you can see, I'm not broken, I'm only sad about Slovaks," said Slota, adding: "We'll all cry tears of blood."

An ethnic Hungarian party, Most-Hid, looks set to win 14 seats and be part of the new government.

Slovakia has a large ethnic Hungarian minority. The mountainous Central European country was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until World War I.

Slota's party has been in a governing coalition with Fico's Smer-SD and the nationalist party of another former prime minister, Vladimir Meciar, since 2006.

Meciar's party failed to secure at least 5 percent of votes Saturday, so they will not have any seats in the new parliament, TASR reported.

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