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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

UKIP: Daniel Estulin's book launch proves too much for Godfrey Bloom

Two book launches took place in the European Parliament today.

The first was of Dirk Jan Eppink's superb "Bonfire of Bureaucracy in Brussels". This is attracting huge attention, and looks set to redefine the euroceptic position.

The second event was sponsored by UKIP's EFD group, and was a book about Bilderberg conspiracies, written by Daniel Estulin, a somewhat dodgy individual who specialises in wacky theories.

It was primarily sponsored by the convicted violent racist and child abuser, Mario Borghezio. Nigel Farage was due to share the platform, but wisely handed over to UKIP's resident buffoon, Godfrey Bloom. However, Bloom backed out at the last minute, obviously aware of the negative press this event would attract.

A press hand out stated that the Euro-elite, the likes of Van Rompuy and Barrosso, are not really human beings. From there, it all went rapidly downhill!

The half dozen UKIP representatives present looked embarrassed, as even by their low standards this was not good.

The BNP stayed away. It seems that even they didn't want to be seen associating with Mr Borghezio and Mr Estulin.

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