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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

UKIP: More on the rebellion in the East Midlands

Our readers will be aware of the move to oust Derek Clark. See: LINK

The revolt gathers momentum!

Members in the East Midlands have contacted Junius about Ken Browne’s initiative to allow ex-UKIPPERS back into the party. These include several former members of Kilroy’s Veritas party.
Ken Browne is particularly keen to get ALEX STEPHENSON, of Derbyshire, re-instated as a member. Mr Stephenson is a successful businessman and could prove useful to the party. However, Clark is against any move to bring these people back, claiming that they were disloyal to UKIP and cannot therefore be trusted.

Mr Browne has now called for the removal of Clark as regional chairman and is happily gaining a lot of support from disgruntled UKIPPERS in the region.

Clark usurped the hapless Peter Baker in 2008, using the excuse that, as Nigel Farage MEP was South East Chairman and Michael Nattrass MEP was West Midlands Chairman, he should be the East Midlands Chairman.

Sadly, the committee backed Clark, leaving Baker a bitter and humiliated man. A couple of objections were raised at the time but these were shouted down by Ransome.

Clark also tried to get Baker thrown out of UKIP. He failed.

And now back to Mr Browne and Alex Stephenson.

Donald Ransome, UKIP’s RO for the East Midlands, has been less than straightforward over this issue and seems strangely indifferent to Clark’s discomfort.

But we should not forget that Clark has been under investigation by OLAF. Ransome was also interviewed by OLAF officials. Indeed, OLAF was very interested in the way UKIP’s RO’s are funded, especially after hearing that Andrew Fear was employed by Clark and yet worked in another region.

So step forward a softly spoken, gently flattering Farage sycophant who goes by the name of Chris Pain - pictured above.

Several UKIPPERS have noted that Ransome has been promoting Pain (Skegness boy, none too bright and number two on the MEP list) to anyone who will listen, even to the point of sending out flattering emails about his new hero.

East Midlands UKIPPERS have told us that Pain has guaranteed Ransome his job as RO in exchange for supporting him in his bid to replace Clark in the event the MEP resigns. However, Mr Pain should realise that Ransome is also facing calls to call to go. Many UKIPPERS are still unhappy that their RO is now a convicted drink driver. See: LINK.

Peter Baker is also known to like Pain and would be more than happy if Clark was forced to fall on his sword.

So there we have an axis of vested interests. - Peter Baker gets his long awaited revenge, while Ransome and Pain get the money!

It is no wonder that Sue – Don’s wife - put their house on the market, telling anyone who would listen that she wanted a move up to a bigger and better house. RO's certainly like the good life and all that EU money. Don't forget to buy one with a conservatory, Sue. You know how Don likes to disappear into the conservatory for a few drinks!

However, there is at least one flaw in the nasty plan. The Electoral Commissioners, and others, have looked carefully at UKIP affairs and have noticed some interesting facts about the East Midlands finances. Mr Pain should take very careful note of this fact.

Meanwhile, the Talbot Hotel, West Bridgford, Nottingham has been the scene of the latest plot to oust Derek Clark, and bring back the old guard.

Mr Browne is still looking for support in his campaign to force Clark to resign. Would you like to help?

Mr Browne can be contacted on 07776 306668 or 0115 9821814.

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