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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

UKIP: Andrew Edwards on UKIP's approaches to the BNP

An interesting email from Andrew Edwards - former UKIP Bath chairman - has been brought to our attention:

Farage sycophants, such as Idris Francis, are busily trumpeting that 'Nigel is Back'. But putting aside all the reasons why such sycophancy should still exist, it is, for once, quite useful that we are being reminded that the Massa is recovering from his accident. Why? Because there is a strange thing happening right now in the SE region!

No reader will be in any doubt about how many times the Massa has stated that he will have no dealings with the BNP as a whole or with its individual members.

Junius says: But Farage did have at least one meeting with BNP officials. See:

One only has to recall what the Massa has stated, on-air, that ukip had prevented the BNP from becoming a bigger organisation and that "this was one of his proudest achievements".

So it comes as something of a shock to discover that UKIP officials in the SE have made approaches to several BNP officials in that region!!!! There are strong indications that one of these UKIP officials is none other than Steve (Bunter) Harris - because the one of these UKIP officials is said to have had a N. American accent.

But whether or not 'Bunter Harris' is one of those involved, it is a certainty that these approaches have not been made without the Massa's approval, if not his instigation!

Would anyone care to suggest why UKIP or Farage (same thing really) is now seeking to have dialogue with the BNP? Is it more of his trademark duplicity at work? Or is he fearful for his own position if the BNP continues to grow in the SE region?

End of email.

UKIP officials approaching the BNP? Whatever next? But at least the Lega Nord will be pleased!

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