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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

UKIP V ELCOM: An update

UKIP's appeal to the Supreme Court has now been heard. We have been told by a court official that the judgement can be expected in six to 12 weeks time.

ELCOM presented an excellent case.

UKIP continued to deny any deliberate wrongdoing. But we all know different, don't we? See: LINK

UKIP faces bankruptcy if they lose. And being a limited company won't save those who made the decision to ignore ELCOM's warnings about breaking electoral law!

No wonder UKIP needed to borrow £300,000. But why use Zuckerman?

This is the same Michael Zuckerman who advised Jonathan Arnott and Peter Reeve that UKIP could not have legal representation in a Small Claims Court. This is incorrect. And the result of his rank incompetence? A win for John West and a defeat for UKIP. See: LINK

And Zuckerman is the same 'legal expert' who quoted UKIP's NEC £10,000 to form a Limited Company. It can actually be done online in 10 minutes for under £200!

Zuckerman is about as useful as a pig at a bar mitzvah!

But whatever the outcome, Zuckerman will be laughing all the way to the bank!

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