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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

UKIP: Loon Monckton and that Question Time invite !

News from the West Midlands

We at Junius were most amused to hear feedback from the UKIP West Midlands Rebellion meeting in Walsall last month, organised by the grassroots as an open forum for members to discuss Pearson’s stupid election strategy and support for other parties throughout the campaign. See: LINK & LINK

Even more entertaining, was the feedback from the follow up meeting last Wednesday organised so the leadership could respond to the previously raised concerns. In a cowardly and very Farage like manner Pearson refused to visit the Midlands, turning down the invitation to face the accusations and, of course, his accusers. Interestingly, he never seemed to have a problem when dropping by to do Farage’s dirty work when removing Ms Nikki Sinclaire!

Instead, he sent Lord Monckton to address the reform meeting in what seemed a longer evening than normal to those in attendance! Indeed, most members had fallen asleep by the time Monckton made the biggest clanger of the night - a scathing attack on the BBC for UKIP's embarrassing performance in the General Election!

He let slip that Lord Pearson had been invited onto the BBC's Question Time just a few weeks ago but obviously conscious of his previous disastrous performances turned it down, wanting Lord Loon to take his place. The Party duly passed on the offer to the BBC. They quite rightly responded that they had invited UKIP's LEADER and repeated that it was Pearson who they wished to see on the show. Annoyed again at UKIP's response, the BBC producer has now made it clear that until Pearson takes a place at the table there will be no more invitations to UKIP representatives.

Good going Malcolm, we are told Farage isn’t too happy!


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