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Sunday, 6 June 2010

UKIP: Paul Nuttall on brothels

The odious Paul 'Benito' Nuttall has been speaking out against the legalisation of brothels:

“Rather than legalise brothels, I would recommend tougher penalties and sentences for prostitutes and for those who use them".

Quote taken from Bentio's MEP website. LINK

But what will some of his fellow MEPs say? Some have been known to use 'ladies of the night'.

Godfrey Bloom is one. And he certainly doesn't share Nuttall's views. Quite the opposite!

Bloom has admitted visiting brothels. Indeed, he has been most insensitive about the plight of trafficked women. He might have something to say about the time, in 2005, that he was picked up by Brussels police after he ran out of a brothel near Gare du Nord without paying for his champagne.... You might also ask him about the black lady who took him to a cashpoint that same night....

But we can well understand his need to pay women for sex. What woman in their right mind would want to sleep with him for free?


So when will Nuttall take action against his sordid colleague? After all, he does want " tougher penalties and sentences for prostitutes and for those who use them".

And what about the notorious UKIP dungeon and Miss Whiplash? Will Nuttall be speaking out against those UKIP MEPs who like a bit of hanky spanky? We look forward to him giving Farage a piece of his mind!

So will Nuttall put UKIP's house in order? Or is he a hypocrite like 90% of his colleagues in Brussels?

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