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Saturday, 5 June 2010

UKIP: Christopher Monckton makes an ass of himself

We said that Monckton was a joke. And here is the proof!

Quotes taken from UKIP’s official website:

“The British government should not pay any more money to the EU unless and until the EU’s own court of traitors has ended its 15-year run of refusing to ensure the accounts of the European dictatorship are a fair and accurate record of what they have done with the money our politicians have so carelessly handed to them.”

Junius says: So it’s OK for Britain to give money to the EU if the accounts are fully audited? We thought UKIP wanted to leave the EU?

“Malcolm has led us to a very successful result in the General Election. We hung the Parliament because the Conservatives sullenly and unwisely refused to give the British people a vote on whether Britain shall remain a mere satrapy of the dismal European dictatorship or whether we shall once again be the proud and independent democracy that once we were. "

Junius says: Oh, really? Campaigning against your own candidates and increasing UKIP’s average share of the vote to a risible 3.1% is hardly something to crow about!

And there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that UKIP was responsible for the hung parliament. UKIP voters don’t automatically vote Tory in the absence of a UKIP candidate.

“My first task will be to build on the Initiative Referendum Bill already tabled in the House of Lords by Lord Pearson and Lord Willoughby de Broke by drafting new, radically democratic constitutions for Britain and for Europe. After 1000 years of inexorable progress towards democracy, in the last 30 years pernicious peculation by Parliament’s political pygmies has thrown Britain’s democracy away.

“The new written constitutions for our great nation and for our great continent will restore government of the people, by the people and for the people. We, the people, shall rule.”

Junius says: A new constitution for Britain? So what is wrong with using Magna Carta, the Act of Settlement and the Bill of Rights?

And why is UKIP suddenly concerned with having a written constitution for ‘our great continent’? The constitutional arrangements of other European countries is none of our business. Or is Monckton suggesting that Europe should have one constitution? He is beginning to sound pro-EU!

We note that Monckton has stopped describing himself as ‘Lord Monckton’ in his press releases. A very wise move. Lying about your background will just get you into trouble. Just ask Bannerman!

We were amused to hear that Monckton is being touted as a possible successor to Pearson. We do hope so. We could all do with a laugh!

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