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Monday, 7 June 2010

UKIP: Farage's EFD Group set to implode

They say bad things come in threes. First we had Farage's plane crash. Then we had UKIP's disastrous performance in the General Election. And now we have this:

From New Europe:

Lega Nord in talks about joining ECR

There have been rumours, now confirmed, that there are private discussions going on between re­p­res­entatives of Lega Nord and the UK Conservatives, aimed at getting the Italian party to leave the EFD and join the ECR. These discussions are highly informal and not endorsed by party chiefs. It would seem highly unlikely that the Nord would be welcomed into the ECR, given their record of extremism, so why are people holding such discussions?

There are also rumours that the Czech ODS, who fared badly in recent national elections, would be happier back in the EPP although they strenuously deny such suggestions. But if they did leave, the ECR Group would be on its last legs and having the Nord on board could be useful... especially to the Euroskeptic end of the Tory party, that has been kept quiet since the British election.

The Nord's invitation to a conspiracy theorist, who espoused his belief that the Bilderberg Group were responsible for the Black Death and holds views on senior EU politicians, such as Barroso and Van Rompuy that rational people would regard as highly libellous, isn't going to help negotiations. It is being pointed out that if the EFD Group now believe the Bilderbergers have been secretly ruling the world for the last 7 or 8 centuries, what is going to be their next stunt? Claiming Delors ran over Princess Diana? Schuman faked the moon landings? By their recent actions, the Lega Nord might find themselves, not heading towards the ECR, but in a gabardine rush to the outer fringes of not just politics, but sanity.

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Looks like the EFD will soon be lacking the required number of MEPs to qualify as a group and thus extra funding. What a shame!

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