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Monday, 28 June 2010

UKIP: More trouble for Pearson

Somerset County Committee - Extraordinary General Meeting

Monday 28th of June 2010

7.00 for 7.30 pm

The King's Head, High Street, Wells

Reason: To propose a vote of No Confidence in Lord Pearson as Leader of UKIP

UKIPPERS in the South West are incensed that Pearson urged the voters of Wells, Somerton & Frome and Taunton Deane to ignore UKIP’s own candidates. Pearson wanted UKIP supporters to back the Conservatives in those constituencies.

Pearson didn’t even see fit to inform his PPCs before sending the letter to the media in Somerset! See: LINK

However, UKIPPERS should remember that Farage fully supported Pearson and clearly endorsed his decision to campaign for opposition parties. They should be calling on Farage to resign as well.

From Parliament.Com

Ukip deputy Nigel Farage has defended his leader's call for people in the UK to vote against their own party in the country's upcoming general election.

Farage stressed that Lord Pearson was referring to only an "isolated" number of constituencies.

Pearson, a life peer, sparked controversy when he wrote to a media group urging voters not to support his party in three constituencies in the south-west of England.

The party's south-west regional committee responded by saying it was "at odds" with Pearson, who last year replaced Farage as Ukip leader in the UK.

In a statement, it said it "regrets finding ourselves at odds with him over this one vital area of policy".

But, speaking to this website on Thursday, Farage, himself a candidate in the election, defended Pearson's intervention.

"Let's be clear and put this in context," he said. "Lord Pearson was referring to 12 isolated constituencies out of a total of 550 in which we are fielding candidates in this election.

"This is small beer. He was today [Thursday] urging people in another constituency to vote Labour.

"It is purely tactical and I have no problem with that."

Some of UKIP's 12 MEPs are standing in the election.

Meanwhile, Farage, who is by far the party's best-known personality, has insisted he will continue as an MEP if he is unsuccessful in his attempts to oust the speaker of the UK House of Commons in the safe Tory seat of Buckinghamshire.

He said, "It is an uphill struggle but I am making progress.

"A lot of people I am meeting on the doorstep agree with our policies but it is not an easy seat to win."

Some Ukip insiders have suggested Farage may be ousted by Pearson as leader of the party's parliamentary delegation if he not elected in the 6 May poll. But he said, "If I am not elected I will stay on for the full term as an MEP."

To see the original: LINK

And don’t forget that Farage called on voters to support Labour’s David Drew in Stroud.

He said: "This is not a deal. We have made a decision that Drew's a good egg. We want David Drew to win." See: LINK

Farage may want you to think that Drew's a good egg. But read on and you will soon discover that Drew is a completely rotten egg!

David Drew is not a committed Euro-sceptic, as Pearson and Farage would have you believe. In fact, David Drew's own website made absolutely no mention of his supposed Euro-sceptic views.

He is not on record, anywhere, stating that he thinks that Britain should leave the European Union.

Indeed, Drew had confirmed that he did not advocate a complete withdrawal from the EU, but favoured "a much more loose confederation..."

There is not much point Farage and Pearson attacking the 'failed old party system' if you are then going to tell your members to vote for them!

David Drew is a member of a political party that greatly desires ever closer political and economic union with the EU.

It is also interesting to note that:

David Drew voted in support of introducing ID cards and the smoking ban. UKIP is opposed to ID cards and the smoking ban!

Yet Farage tells us he's a "good egg" and Pearson says he's worthy of support!

And what good did it do, apart from angering UKIP members and supporters?

Annuziata Rees-Mogg was a Pearson favoured candidate. She lost to the Lib Dems. So was Heathcoat-Amory and Mark Formosa. They also lost to the Lib Dems!

And even the wonderful David Drew failed. He lost to the Tories by 1,299, with 1,301 still voting for UKIP, against Pearson and Farage’s advice!


Greg L-W. said...


I warned well over a dozen years ago Farage would destroy UKIP if he ever became leader and how true.

Making Pearson leader as a ruse to get to Stuart Wheeler's money showed UKIP's true colours. Farage prostituted the party just to make personal gains.

Many will remember when Farage was dumped from the party by Sked, Farage was not long in scuttling off to the BNP to see if he could lead them.

Although Stuart Wheeler didn't trust Farage, it shows how right he was.

To have that self serving fool Pearson actively campaigning with Farage AGAINST UKIP at the last moment without the common courtesy of even warning the PPCs or the party.

Look how the public scorned UKIP in utter contempt - proving UKIP only survived because of the utterly corrupt and dishonset stance taken in the EU election when they became the dustbin for the protest vote and just look at the caliber of trash elected as UKIP MEPs.

Nothing will come of the SW Region vote of no confidence - these are the sort of people who support the actions of the bent ex copper Trevor Colman, the utterly dishonest Malcolm Wood and then go on to openly turn a blind eye to corruption like Barry Harding or like the Plymouth Chairman resign from the cause NOT because of a point of principle like Nikki Sinclaire or Mike Nattrass but based on his personal failure to get elected!


Robert said...

I DO so hate to spoil your fun, chaps, but an EGM requires 28 days notice, minimum...

Eric Edmond said...

I am puzzled. I live in Somerset but I knew nothing of such a meeting so I phoned Dorothy Baker, Chairman of Taunton Deane UKIP branch. She said she knew nothing of any such meeting as it did not involve her branch.

Greg L-W. said...


Robert you are quite right - was it an EGM?

I thought it was a meeting to issue a vote of no confidence or censure.

What a sad reflection on the collapse of UKIP that it can only be held together with defensive 'devices' and bullying.

What a great opportunity UKIP offered and what a catastrophic debacle it delivered with corrupt MEPs, liars, dissemblers, cheats, money launderers and frauds at the helm and filth like Mark Croucher dragging its name into the gutter where he lives unwilling to honour his debts and in venal contempt of British Justice and the Courts - what a vile excrescence.

Sadly so very typical of UKIP!


Junius said...

We were sent a copy of the email inviting members to attend the meeting.

We reproduced the exact text as it appeared on the email.