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Saturday, 26 June 2010

UKIP: Mike Nattrass on why he resigned from the EFD

Here is Mike's letter to to UKIP members. It explains in detail the reasons why he left the EFD. Click on the document for a clearer view.

In the letter he states that he no-longer wishes to associate with non-UKIP members of the EFD 'who did not wish to leave the EU and have odd views on many issues which are incompatible with my own'.

He also states that he was concerned about EFD funding being drained away by them for 'their own nefarious purposes'.

Furthermore, Mike wishes to concentrate on serving his constituents in the West Midlands by exposing the corrupt nature of the EU. He feels that membership of the EFD is incompatible with that aim.

It is a damning document. Indeed, it is impossible to disagree with it. How can UKIP's other MEPs possibly justify staying in the EFD after this?

Mike now sits as an non-aligned MEP with Nikki Sinclaire.

Farage has already expressed indifference to Mike's departure. He is not a very good liar! The departure of Nattrass is yet another hammer blow to Farage's ego. Farage has always stressed the importance of UKIP's role in the EFD Group. The departure of yet another UKIP MEP from that group is hardly going to do much for Farage's personal standing in the European Parliament or UKIP.

We can confirm that at least one other UKIP MEP is now thinking of leaving the EFD Group and joining Nattrass and Sinclaire as an non-aligned member.



Anonymous said...

I used to be a member of UKIP and Bradford Branch secretary up to 2005 when I left in disgust. Until 2004 my Chairman in Bradford was Dr Richard North. The main reason for my leaving was disgust at the lack of support for activists in Yorks & Humber Region. Godfrey Bloom appointed a Regional Organiser in the run up to the 2004 Euro Election who had no political experience and was not computer literate !! The guy's main qualifications for the job, he lived in the same village as Godfrey and drinks in Godfrey's local.
I remember dealing with Mike Nattrass on many items particularly during the 2001 GE. I haven't spoken to him for 5 years but still remember his mobile number. I phoned him t'other night to congratulate him on doing the 'honest thing' and becoming a non aligned MEP. Any normal human being would want to vomit being an MEP in the grouping of nutters Farage has got UKIP involved with. Mike informed me 'Godfrey Bloom' was 'part of the problem'. Godfrey has still not done anything to set up a coherent Regional organisation, to make use of experienced activists like myself and to represent his constituents in Yorkshire properly. UKIP should have been challenging to get a second MEP elected in the Region in June 09. Instead because of UKIP's failure to connect with working class anti EU voters in the population centres of West & South Yorkshire BNP got an MEP elected. BNP gets a very low Press profile but most commentators reckon Andrew Brons, the BNP MEP, is doing a good job for his voters and is showing up Godfrey.

Finally, let me take a guess. I suspect that Gerald Batten will be the next MEP to go non-aligned.

Ivan the yid from Bradford

Junius said...

Sadly, your experiences are not unique!

UKIP’s leadership continues to promote the incompetent to positions of authority. Turning a blind eye to corruption is essential if you want to get ahead in UKIP!

Bloom is a drunkard and a fool. He should have been kicked out of UKIP years ago.

Junius said...

Also, see:


Greg L-W. said...


You are both so right.

Farage has utterly destroyed any meaningful future that UKIP may ever of had due to his complete incompetence and clear insecurity which leaves him, due to a total lack of OQ, with not a vestige of vision endlessly showing off like a small child.

It is sad that Farage did not make much of his abilities as a performer but was so frightened of intelligence he gathered around him numpties, low lives and fools - Numpties like the dweeb Geraldine Batten who has been conspicuous by her utter irrelevance and lack of moral fiber, and whose very presence has demeaned UKIP with her lack of understanding of even the basic tennets of morality, legality and justice.

Batten's ONLY achievement has been to grisle endlessly like a little girl, have his staff do a couple of rewrites of the Government Pink Book and collude and participate in outright corruption.

Agnew and Bannerman have displayed themselves as low level crooks of no morality or consequence and Bannerman has been proven a liar, a cheat and a fraud.

Trevor Coleman is as bent as a butcher's hook and bought his MEPship in return for a corrupt enquiry and collusion in Tom Wise's criminality after the event!

Godfrey Bloom is just a drunken bufoon - who came along for the ride as a drinking chum of Farage.

Derek Clarke is despised and reviled across his region which despite the efforts of the drunken taxi driver he appointed as Regional Organiser could count on one hand the number of UKIP members of ANY value he could call upon. An odious and repugnant little man - now known as Grandad in the EU Parliament due to his propensity for falling asleep in meetings, turning up to the wrong meetings on the wrong days and shuffling around in his slippers having forgotten to change!

It would be funny had he not so betrayed his Country, his Party, his electorate and the few left in his region still supporting UKIP.

UKIP have become an embarrassing irrelevancy in British politics, all but ignored by the press whilst in the EU they are treated in complete derision as they have earned.

I am pleased to see Mike Nattrass has at least shown the courage to follow Nikki Sinclaire's example and show some integrity distancing himself from the pond life Farage has gathered around him with such sordid low life as Mark Croucher who has so shamefully brought UKIP into disrepute with his contempt for British Justice and his promotion of Anti Judaism and Racism.

It was largely due to the extreme efforts of Farage and Croucher that the name of the BNP was raised at virtually every opportunity to ensure they had two MEPs elected without the promotion of Croucher and Farage it would have been likely they would not have got an MEP.

Ivan is of a vintage in UKIP that he will remember Farage's abuse of the likes of Dr. Richard North and Heather Connyngham and his promotion of excrecences like Towler, Croucher, Moran, Fuller, Mounsey, Lott, Andrew Smith and their ghastly ilk.