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Friday, 4 June 2010

UKIP: Concerns continue to grow over Farage’s health

Calls from the press to UKIP’s Gawain Towler have confirmed that Farage is still confined to his bed following that plane crash.

And for once Nigel is not sharing the duvet with one of his numerous mistresses!

Farage’s injuries are far worse than originally thought. His spinal injury is of particular concern. He is also suffering from nightmares and flashbacks of the crash. See: LINK

Certain UKIP MEPs are now talking about the possibility that Farage may be forced to retire from active politics.

This news is music to the ears of Steve ‘Billy Bunter’ Harris in the South East.

Steve was UKIP’s third MEP candidate in the South East. He would replace Farage if the former leader stood down as an MEP.

Harris joined UKIP in 2001 and is currently the South East’s extremely chubby regional organiser. Don't tell OLAF!

Steve is now positively salivating at the thought that Nigel may be forced to retire. He once said that he ‘would do anything to become an MEP’. He even claims that a fortune teller once told him that he would ‘become an MEP by default’.

But Mr Harris’ desperation to unseat Farage and become an MEP is sadly not motivated by patriotism and a desire to serve the people of the South East. He is motivated by greed, ego and a desire to get his snout firmly in the EU trough. Now who does that remind you of?

Alan Clark once said there were no real friends in politics, only sharks.

Farage has learnt to his cost that his 'loyal supporters' are nothing of the sort. They are as two-faced as their boss!

Such is life!


Anonymous said...
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IanH said...

Is Steve Harris still getting his Regional Organiser salary out of Nigel Farage's expense account? I think this is against EU rules! And is (ex-US navy) Harris still sleeping with general election candidates in order to get them deposits out of central party funds (Brighton Pavilion, 2005)? Finally, why isn't he an MEP yet, after years of service to the party? Because he didn't go to public school, unlike party nobs?