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Monday, 14 June 2010

UKIP, Mario Borghezio, UFOs and little green men

If there is one subject that is guaranteed to get conspiracy theorists going, then it is that of UFOs. It is of course a fascinating subject, and deep down we would all love to believe that there is life out there, and that one day we will live to see a real alien.

Many UFO sightings are classified by the military, as they do in fact relate to matters of national security. The "need to know" rule applies in such cases, and in the interests of security, the public simply does not need to know.

Conspiracy theorists are people who cannot bare to be kept in the dark, and so in place of unknown facts, daft theories kick in. Usually, these theories involve other people, Bilderbergers, Jews, or Freemasons, generally. But sometimes they involve little green men or even little black men.

Now the daftest of all brushes, Mario Borghezio, the EFD MEP who caused a scandal by introducing a book on Bilderbergers into the European Parliament, has tabled a written declaration calling on national governments to declassify all documents relating to UFOs. He cites the work of Tullio Regge, a former Italian Communist MEP, as evidence that UFOs are really out there, and our governments are hushing it all up.

An Italian MEP demanding that the UK government declassify military secrets? Ordinarily we would expect UKIP to be up in arms about this, but as Borghezio, a convicted racist and child abuser, is one of their own, they are hoping it will all go away.

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