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Sunday, 13 June 2010


Earlier this week UKIP faced ELCOM in the Supreme Court. See: LINK

The case is the first time that the commission has gone to court to seek forfeiture of donations from a political party.

This concerned 67 instances of UKIP failing to check whether donations of more than £200 were from people on the electoral register despite repeated warnings from the commission.

Here is what a spokesman from ELCOM had to say:

“UKIP failed to identify whether these donations were permissable. We took them to the Magistrates Court in order to seek them to forfeit the donations, the court ruled they only had to partially forfeit £18,481.

“We felt the law was clear, so appealed to the High Court, which ordered the case to be re-heard at a Magistrates Court. UKIP, however, appealed the High Court decision to the Court of Appeal.

“We won in the Court of Appeal, it seems clear, the law is unambiguous, and they didn’t grant UKIP leave of appeal, so they applied directly to the Supreme Court, which is where we are now, this court has the final say.”

End of statement.

The Supreme Court should reach a decision in 6 to 12 weeks time. UKIP faces bankruptcy if they lose the case.

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