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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

UKIP East in turmoil following Sunday Times revelations. Peter Reeve reported to Council's Standards Committee

UKIPPERS in the Eastern Region are still reeling from the shock after reading in the Sunday Times that Stuart Agnew and David Bannerman were prepared to illegally use their staffing allowances to pay Peter Reeve.

We can confirm that many UKIPPERS are now demanding that Agnew, Bannerman and Reeve be suspended from UKIP pending a full investigation into the allegations that they were involved in criminal activity.

We can also confirm that Peter Reeve - who is also a UKIP Huntingdonshire District Councillor and Cambridgeshire County Councillor for Ramsey - has now been reported by his fellow councillors to the Council’s Standards Committee following the allegations in the newspaper.

It is interesting to note that a UKIP meeting was held in Chelmsford to approve UKIP‘s accounts ( 27/3/10). Only six UKIPPERS could be bothered to attend. Such is the level of interest in UKIP East.

It is also interesting to note that Bannerman, Agnew and Reeve did not attend. No agenda was made available prior to the meeting. Were they worried that Junius and GLW would get a copy?

Stuart Gulleford - who works for Agnew and Bannerman - was apparently quite rude to the few who turned up. No change there!

Andrew Smith - who in an email famously advised UKIP's leadership to misled the Electoral commission - left early. Perhaps he was worried that questions would be raised about his rank dishonesty. See: LINK

At this meeting it was revealed that UKIP East has ONLY £11,000 to fight the General Election. But at least they have more than some other regions we could mention!

It is also interesting to note that both Agnew and Bannerman have declined to help finance UKIP’s GE campaign in the East. Members in the East are none too pleased about this.

But why are they so surprised? Bannerman and Agnew are only interested in the EU Gravy Train. Their interest in the GE is only superficial because they know that they have no chance of getting elected as an MP.

Or were they just too busy giving all their spare EU cash to Peter Reeve and Lisa Duffy?

We hear that Mike 'Honey Monster' McGough was to represent UKIP on a BBC Radio Essex political programme. The show is due to be broadcast on 28th April.

McGough - pictured above - is best known for misleading members in his MEP election address. See: LINK

Many UKIPPERS had clearly not forgotten his duplicity or his stupidity. Complaints were quickly made and McGough was replaced by another serial liar - David Bannerman!

God help them!

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