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Sunday, 9 May 2010

UKIP snippets

More smears against Nikki Sinclaire

You may recall John Ison. He used to work for Nikki Sinclaire. See: LINK

He is behind the latest attempt to smear Nikki Sinclaire.

A short video extract was posted on the internet by Mark Croucher. Sound familiar? John West was subjected to similar treatment after upsetting the Fuhrer.

In the video Nikki is heard to make a joke about UKIP making her very rich. Farage’s sycophants claim that this proves Nikki only became an MEP for the money.


Here are the facts behind the video.

1. The extract was part of a sound test for a video statement on her problems with UKIP’s leadership.

2. She was responding to a joke from a member of her staff.

3. The staff member – John Ison – joked that “ if UKIP has kicked you out you'll be at least £50K better off”. This was a reference to her pledge to donate £50,000 to UKIP's West Midlands General Election fund.

4. John Ison stole the video and gave it to Mark Croucher.

Here is the video as released by Ms Sinclaire.

It may interest you to know that Nikki Sinclaire - after Wheeler and Bown - was UKIP's third largest donor. Prior to her expulsion she had donated 30% of her salary to UKIP.

And Farage? He has donated absolutely NOTHING to UKIP.

UKIPPERS would be better advised to ask Nigel Farage about the £2 million that he claimed in expenses and the millions that have ‘vanished' from UKIP’s accounts.

We note with amusement that John Ison recently accosted Gregg Beaman, accusing him of being Junius!

Mr Ison hasn’t a clue and clearly needs some sort of medical help!

Former candidate to resign from UKIP

The election is barely over and UKIP has already lost one of their former PPCs.

Waheed Rafiq, who for UKIP in Birmingham, Hodge Hill, is to leave UKIP over Lord Pearson’s views on Muslims.

He told one of our contacts that “he wished that he had never joined UKIP”.

Here is his statement:

Salaam Brother Adeers and the rest of UK I am not a Murtad and you don’t have the right to label me as a Murtad only my Lord Allah /God has that right ,you are no better Muslim than Lord Pearson who of course is a non Muslim. When I join UKIP 6 months ago , I had very little knowledge of how politics is played in this arena , with the guidance from Allah/God I learnt that Lord Pearson invited this Dutch fella Greer Wilder , I also learnt about this movie know as Fitna. To address this issue I ask Lord Pearson to either him self come down to Birmingham and apologize for the offensive occurred as a result of this. Lord Pearson was not able to make it to Birmingham on 3rd of May but he sent Lord Monckton who apologized on behalf of UKIP party. As far as I was concern I raised my feeling on this Fitna movie with the senior leadership and received a full support. The Muslims who attended this Meeting on Roger Rd where happy to see that they were recognized as Good Muslims ,who are peaceful community. My Faith within the Senior Leadership was restored. Until yesterday where I learnt that Lord Pearson out of his ignorance stated that the Quran was a problem and The Prophet Muhammad peace upon him was a violent man. This was broadcasted on BBC Radio and also shown on the News Lord Pearson rang this morning and I have spoken to him with regards to the above issue, As he is a non-Muslim ,I don’t think he fully understand how serious this issue is although he does not mean what he has said ,as he did clarify this with me. Lord Pearson was referring to the Hijra that was taken place between Mecca and Medina , what he was trying to describe was a violent journey between the destination. now that is what he states. I have listen to the BBC Radio over 4 times and I am not fully satisfy with the above respond. As I am standing in Hodge Hill Constituency where there are over 80 % Muslims , I feel the same pain as you do and I therefore as per stated in all my Hustling meeting that I will stand down as a MP and as a Member of UKIP within 3 weeks time. My statement has always been if UKIP was ever to Ban Building of Mosques / Hijab or stop us from performing our five times a day pray I would happily step down. I feel Lord Pearson has damage the party UKIP , my own branch has been destroyed by this event. As someone who fears God / Allah from 31st May 2010 I will no longer be part of UKIP UKIP is not a racist party and there are some good gems working within UKIP however I am not quite sure about where Islam fits in all this. May Allah / God bless you all and may Allah/ God keep us all white and non white , black and non black united as One nation. Waheed Rafiq Hodge Hill PPC UKIP '

End of statement.

UKIP General Election Twat

The award for UKIP Twat of the General Election must go to Christopher Gill.

He was actually convinced that he would win Ludlow for UKIP!

Farage sycophants for UKIP – also known as Bloggers 4 UKIP – had the nerve to run with this headline:

Lord Pearson visits Ludlow's next MP

Lord Pearson took a trip up the M6 today to visit Christopher Gill, the UKIP candidate for South Shropshire.

And the result? Gill didn’t even save his deposit! And he was over 23,000 thousand votes behind the winning Conservative candidate. Gill is almost as stupid as the odious Paul Nuttall!

Conspiracy theories

We really do wonder about the sanity of some UKIPPERS.

Some have actually suggested that Farage’s plane crash was no accident.

From the British Democracy Forum:

Farage crash - sabotage is strongly indicated?


I have been sent this:

Subject: Fw: Fwd: Farage crash - sabotage is strongly indicated

Date: Friday, 7 May, 2010, 22:34

I don't know the original source of the following report (it was passed to me from a usually reliable source), but if true this is very serious:


At this stage of the investigation sabotage is strongly indicated. Media reports that the banner got wrapped around the empennage are clearly false - the banner can be seen from obverhead shots lying undamaged, several hundred feet from the aircarft.

There is no sign of external pre-accident damage to the empennage (or for that matter to the banner)

The accident happened at about 0756 local time, as the aircraft had successfully picked up the banner, on its 5th attempt. The incident was sudden, consistent with the parting of a control cable to the rudder or elevators. The operator, Sky Banners Ltd, is experienced and reputable and has a good safety record.

There are no grounds to query either the competence or integrity of the pilot or operator.

The aircraft, a PZL-104 Wilga 35A, G-BWDF, c/n 21950955, is designed for towing (originally gliders) and has an excellent safety record. Nearly 1,000 have been made since 1968.

The police treated it as a crime scene and have not ruled out sabotage, because AAIB found a severed control cable in the wreckage.

It is possible Eurobaromoeter conducted a secret poll in Buckingham - it would be useful to know who was conducting local polls. Of course there would be concern in Brussels and Berlin at someone as eloquent and well-informed as Nigel being elected. The decision to assassinate the Foreign Minister of Sweden was taken on the basis of a Eurobarometer poll.

At this stage it is probable sabotage, probable method part-severing of a control cable to the rudder or elevators. The aircraft was left unguarded overnight.

End of statement.

Various people have been named as the possible saboteur/saboteurs:

Gary Cartwright
John West
Gregg Beaman or his wife
Nikki Sinclaire
Terry Wogan
Gerard Batten and Tim
Von Rompuy
John Bercow
Etc, etc.

We personally favour Ronald McDonald and Elvis Presley as the attempted assassins! Better luck next time, lads and lassies!


Gregg Beaman said...

Personally I favour the theory that it was Lord Lucan who made his getaway on Shergar.

Only joking, I'm not a UKIP press officer.

Anonymous said...

It is quite extraordinary that
Nikki Sinclaire should give 30% of her salary to UKIP!

How many people who do you know who give any organisation that amount!

In the Old Testament God asks for a 10% tithe, and Christians often have trouble with that,often there is an unwillingness to cough up for a variety of silly selfish reasons and theological ones too.

So Nikki Sinclaire giving 30%

And admirable too.

God would be only too happy to have someone like Ms Sinclaire on board, and unlike Lord Pearson would be true and faithful to His promises to her.

It is HE, the dotty every changeable, ever unreliable Lord Pearson, and he alone, who is lacking in the quality of personal integrity and faithfulness, that of one being true to one's word that is such a disgrace.

Lord Pearson should eat humble pie, but knowing Lord Peason he would just take a bite, change his mind and claim he's allergic to apples and 'simply cannot eat it'.

Anonymous said...

It is a very sad day and shameful too for UKIP, that Waheed Rafiq, a Muslim should feel the need to leave UKIP because of some ridiculous, stupid,remark made by Lord Pearson.

This will alianate the Islamic population in the UK from UKIP.

Does not Lord Pearson realise this?

Obviously not. Or else he'd kept his ill-founded, and ill-informed views to himself.

What does Lord Pearson know about Islam? Bu.... all I expect.

But as it keeping with highly opinionated, arrogant people who NEVER think before they speak, he just prattles along talking pompously on things he knows little, or nothing about.

All to the detriment to the political party he represents.

Historically Muslims have always got on with their Christian and Jewish neighbours.

It is only a tiny tiny section of Islam who in the past were called 'Assassins', but are now called Terrorists who support violence to achieve their objectives. They, the Assissins, have always existed. The hundred and millions of Muslim that exist all around the world are not assassins or violent.

Lord Pearson should keep his mouth shut, until he knows what he's talking about.

But to ask that, is like expecting that the UK submit a song to the Eurovision Contest that has even a 5% of winning!

Anonymous said...

I don't hear Lord Pearson calling Moses the Jew, who threw down the pillars of stone on which the 10 Commandments were written a violent man, and thereby insinuating all Jews are violent.

Nor do I hear him calling Jesus Christ who threw over the tables in the Temple courtyard a violent man and by inference suggesting that all Christians are violent.

As for that 'peaceful' soul David who wrote 'The Lord is my Shepherd', he instigated the demise of his married lover's husband by putting him in the front line of a war campaign!

Yet he sees it as fitting to describe the Prophet Mohammed a violent man.

Picking and choosing ... and not considering the impact and ramifications of his words on the Muslim community.

Anonymous said...

Lord Pearson should be hanging his head in shame today at the announcement that Waheed Rafiq is leaving UKIP because his words caused great offence and concern to Mr Rafiq who is a devout Muslim.

The Muslim community in the UK will be taking note of this,and if UKIP desires to become a political party that REPRESENTS multi-culteral, mult-religious Britain, then while Lord Pearson continues at the helm then this simply will not happen.

Quite honestly, I think a public apology by Lord Pearson is called for, and on Radio 4 too.