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Thursday, 10 March 2011

More UKIP News: EFD Group hit by resignation, the cost of Oldham, more from UKIP Wales, Julia Reid & Harry Aldridge

EFD group hit by resignation

Farage's EFD group suffered a blow this week when one of its most prominent members, Anna Rosbach, resigned from the group. She has joined the Tory ECR group. Her intentions came to light some time ago - in November she was in discussion with Tory MEPs Martin Calannan and Charles Tannock, but her decision was delayed due to problems with the leadership of the ECR group.

Rosbach has been critical of her Danish colleague Morten Messerschmidt, a convicted racist, mainly over his financial activities - it appears he has quickly perfected the art a la Farage, of milking his budgets ruthlessly. There have also been problems of incompatibility between Rosbach and some of the more extreme elements of the Danish People's Party, and of the EFD group.

For more on this: LINK

The cost of Oldham

Here are some interesting facts and figures about the recent Oldham by-election:

Oldham East & Saddleworth by-election result, 13th January 2011
Debbie Abrahams Labour 14,718 42.1%
Elwyn Watkins Liberal Democrat 11,160 31.9%
Kashif Ali Conservative 4,481 12.8%
The odious Paul Nuttal UKIP 2,029 5.8%
Derek Adams British National Party 1,560 4.5%

Oldham East & Saddleworth by-election expenditure
UKIP £43,855
Conservative £39,432
British National Party £3,850

Cost Per Vote
UKIP £21.61
Conservative £8.80
Liberal Democrat £8.47
Labour £6.60
British National Party £2.47

Undoubtedly, the figures for the Barnsley by-election will show further OTT expenditure. And all just to be ahead of the BNP in the poll!

Stuart Wheeler might have deep pockets, but honestly, £43,855 to gain 2,029 votes doesn't seem much of a return on his investment to us!

UKIP Wales still fail to impress

This was the headline following UKIP’s 2nd place in the Barnsley by-election, where the voter turnout was 36.5%:

Now compare this to UKIP’s position on the result of the Welsh Assembly referendum! The voter turnout was 35.2% and yet UKIP claimed that the "extremely low turnout" gave no mandate for changes to take place! More double standards!

Indeed, David Bevan, UKIP’s lead candidate for South West Wales at this May's Welsh Assembly elections said, "This was a pathetic turnout"!

As was Bufton’s lack of input into the campaign! We trust that Mr Bevan - pictured above - will agree! And they can’t even be bothered to put the result of the referendum on the UKIP Wales website!


Julia Reid

We note that Julia Reid has resigned from the NEC. We are not surprised. The foul stench of corruption that emanates from that body finally proved too much for the lass.

Such is UKIP’s professionalism that they can’t even be bothered to remove her name and picture from UKIP’s official website.

Harry Aldridge

And so another Farage sycophant is wheeled out as the new chairman of Young Independence. As one wag has told us:

“Harry’s nose is so far up Nigel’s arse, I can't tell where he ends and where Nigel begins".

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