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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

UKIP: Derek Clark, UKIP councillors, Fuller v Mrs Farage and Steve Allison

Clark's letter

Published in This is Leicestershire

Why Ukip's success in by-election was largely ignored

I'm sure people know of the Barnsley by-election result where Ukip came second, with Labour comfortably holding the seat.

However, the political commentators of our wretched national media gave deliberately misleading political assessments of the result.

The Express apart, none noted how Ukip came storming up into second place, on 30 per cent more than the Tories. With just 58 more votes we would have had more than the Tories and Lib-Dems put together!

To express their disapproval at the ruling coalition Barnsley people chose Ukip. We are now the party of opposition and if you want to know why we were ignored by the media it is simply explained.

They do not give us proper coverage because we upset their cosy little threesome with the "big boys". They do not understand us in the political order, so they smear us as "little Englanders", or worse.

And they fear us because these national media barons sold out to the EU godfathers long ago, but now they know that increasing numbers of British people do not agree and that Ukip is speaking for them.

Derek Clark, Ukip MEP for Leicestershire.

How laudable! But Clark conveniently forgets that he declined to campaign during the Barnsley by-election. UKIP also hardly ‘came storming up into second place'. They were over 12,000 votes behind the winning candidate. Some storming! And how can UKIP be considered the ‘party of opposition’? They don’t even have a single MP!

And please spare us that nonsense about the people of Barnsley choosing UKIP. They chose Labour!

And let us not forget that the voter turnout in Barnsley was 36.5%. Now compare this to UKIP’s position on the result of the Welsh Assembly referendum. The voter turnout was 35.2% and yet UKIP claimed that the "extremely low turnout" gave no mandate for changes to take place!

Indeed, David Bevan, UKIP’s lead candidate for South West Wales at this May's Welsh Assembly elections said, "This was a pathetic turnout". More double standards from UKIP's leadership!

Clark is the last person who should be speaking for the British people. This is the man who betrayed everything UKIP stood for by signing an agreement in Bucharest endorsing subsidiarity and the Common Agricultural Policy. Subsidiarity is an EU doctrine which assumes EU sovereignty. Accepting subsidiarity accepts ultimate EU sovereignty.

Nuff said!

To read Clark's original letter: LINK

UKIP councillors

We are less than impressed with the handful of councillors who have recently jumped ship to UKIP. We have always stated that any elected official who changes party during a term of office should immediately seek re-election in order to give the electorate the chance to endorse their change of allegiance. And that also applies to Farage, Bloom, Clark, the odious Nuttall, Andreasen, Dartmouth, Batten, Colman, Agnew and Bannerman. All have abandoned UKIP to embrace the fascist pan-European EFD.

Predictably, UKIP’s corrupt leaders have been keen to crow about these defections to the UKIP flag.

However, they are less accommodating when it happens to them!

Remember the UKIP councillor who became an independent? See: LINK. This is what UKIP said at the time:

Dave Pascoe, press officer for North East Ukip, said: "If he has acted out of principle, then he should stand down so we can have a by-election to give people the opportunity to see if they endorse his change of allegiances from Ukip".

UKIP really needs to practice what it preaches.

And please be minded that after almost 18 years UKIP currently has less than 18 councillors elected. And out of some 19,500 elected offices available in Britain they have less than 30 elected to office!

Annabelle Fuller V Mrs Farage

We were aware that Annabelle and Mrs Farage had an altercation at the recent UKIP re-launch conference. However, we declined to publish until we obtained further details. We now have those further details....

Annabelle was expecting to spend some bedroom time with Nigel in his hotel room after a busy day at conference. The silly girl assumed that Kirsten had left for home. Big mistake! Annabelle was witnessed knocking on Nigel’s hotel door in a state of dress that left little to the imagination. Imagine her surprise when Kirsten Farage opened the door!

You can guess what happened next!

Annabelle fled down the corridor with Kirsten hurling some choice insults in her direction. The words “whore” and “f*cking tart” were just a few of the “comments” heard!

And what of Nigel? He was cowering in the hotel room. Priceless!

Steve Allison

We have often been asked about Steve Allison’s rapid promotion in UKIP. For instance, why would Farage want to promote a man who ran the leadership campaign for Tim Congdon?

So has Nigel turned over a new leaf? Can he finally accept that not everyone out there thinks that the sun shines out of his backside? Not on your life!

Mr Allison was simply rewarded for keeping an eye on Mr Congdon. Indeed, Nigel knew what Congdon was doing before Congdon did!

We can confirm that Mr Allison, despite requests from UKIPPERS, declined to contact the media to promote Mr Congdon. One UKIPPER was told:

“What’s the point? The media will contact me if they want any information on Tim”.

Some campaign manager! Someone should have told Steve that it is the duty of any campaign manager to promote their candidate in every possible way. And that includes contacting the media!

We can also confirm that numerous UKIPPERS contacted Mr Congdon with their concerns about Allison’s ‘commitment’ to his leadership bid. Even Roger Knapman was warned about Allison being double loaded.

Let us not forget that Mr Allison is very keen to become an MEP. He currently has his beady eye on the East Midlands. He hopes to push Chris Pain aside (the current number 2 MEP candidate) and take the lead position when Clark steps down.

So do you really think that Mr Allison would risk his place on the Brussels Gravy Train by p*ssing off Nigel?

Allison got his reward for derailing Congdon’s campaign. That’s why he was made Vice Chairman of UKIP. Next stop, Brussels and a place at Nigel’s feet

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