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Monday, 28 March 2011

UKIP: Not long now & Mike Nattrass cleared by OLAF of any wrongdoing

As we said yesterday, you can expect some very exciting news regarding Farage's racist EFD group in the very near future! The letter has been sent. Farage won't have a very good day we can ASSURE YOU!

It comes as no surprise that Mike McGough - NEC member - has no idea what is about to occur. He has been blindly speculating as to what will happen on the British Democracy Forum:

I GET THE IMPRESSION THAT YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THIS IS ABOUT RICHARD,pray tell us.I infer that some party or MEPs are about to leave the EFD and that you know this by being close tp Nikki etc.

This what Richard Allen - UKIPPER in the West Midlands - had to say:

Oh dear Mick, what a sad existence you lead. You assume that everybody has the same low levels of professionalism and integrity as you. If something is about to happen, and if Nikki is aware of it, she has not shared this information with me and I would not expect her to share such information with me. Unlike certain senior members of UKIP Nikki does know how to behave in a professional manner.

Of course if something is about to happen I may well have heard about it from other sources. I might not have the most extensive list of contacts within the party but I am not without resources. Then again I could just be making this up.

I would have thought however that as a well connected member of the NEC you would know far more than a humble branch officer such as me. Maybe you could shed some light on whether or not something significant is about to occur?

Ouch! To see the original: LINK

Mike Nattrass

We are happy to confirm that Mike Nattrass has been FULLY cleared of any wrongdoing by OLAF. May we offer our own congratulations after hearing this good news from our various sources.

May Mike -along with Nikki - long continue to battle for British independence and freedom in the belly of the beast that is Brussels!

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