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Monday, 28 March 2011

UKIP: Farage suffers another hammer blow. Trevor Colman leaves the EFD!

So Trevor joins Nikki and Mike by leaving the EFD. Farage has yet again suffered a hammer blow as ANOTHER UKIP MEP leaves the racist and fascist EFD group.

Who will be next? We already have Marta Andreasen looking for a new political home while David Bannerman has been unsuccessfully courting the Tories with the offer to 'dish the dirt' on Farage and UKIP if offered a 'safe' Euro or Westminster seat to contest at the next election.

We can confirm that a least one more UKIP MEP is thinking of leaving the EFD. However, we have promised not to publish their name as we want to keep Nigel guessing!

More information on Trevor's resignation as we get it!

1 comment:

Greg_L-W. said...


if you have access to a copy of the claimed Trevor Colman resignation letter would you please post it or send me a copy to post.

Similarly the documentary proof that Mike Nattrass was in fact exhonorated not just that the case was dropped.

You will note we provided proof of the OLAF investigation and I find it hard to applaud when we KNOW he tried to mislead previously and if no provenance is available!

With provenance I will be only too happy to advertise his changed status from suspect under investigation to exhonourated IF that is the case.