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Monday, 21 March 2011

UKIP: McGough and Denny sink even further into the sewers

Michael 'Wolfman' McGough: UKIP NEC member, liar and serial failure. Despised by the majority of UKIPPERS.

Readers will be aware that GLW is to undergo new treatment for his cancer.

This is what Michael 'Wolfman' McGough - UKIP NEC member and serial idiot - had to say about it on the British Democracy Forum. Spacing and punctuation as the original:

Collection for anti UKIP Greg
I have been reading that Greg hasn't been able to peddle his untruths for some days due to illness and medical treatment.This will obviously have an impact on his ability to earn his living attacking UKIP.Will the Major step up to the plate and organise a collection ?
Do all send him get well emails or phone him,he loves early morning calls.

End of statement.

Richard Allen - UKIPPER in the West Midlands - replied:

I am so glad we have people of Mick McGough's calibre on the NEC.

McGough was sadly too stupid to realise that Mr Allen was being sarcastic:

Thanks Richard.

Geoffrey Collier and Tim spoke for many in their replies to McGough's ramblings:

mick mcgough: This posting must have reached the nadir of uncivilised communication. It matters not about whom we are speaking, acceptetable conduct dictates that the civilised rules of protocol are observed. This seems unknown to you, and you lack an instinctive reflex to guide you. As a NEC member, do you really feel that your standards are representative of the general membership? Are you a sentinel for the multitude, or merely a unique failure in your own right?

Well said!!!!! MM is a disgrace to UKIP and should be removed from any position of authority in the party. The man belongs in the gutter.

To see the original thread: LINK

McGough's main claim to fame is not being the PPC for Harlow. He can also boast numerous failed relationships with women due to his immaturity - no surprise there - and a rather unsuccessful career as an accountant.

He also gained his position on the NEC due to a rigged vote. Farage needed another nodding donkey. See: LINK

Mike McGough is one of those sad individuals that deserve our pity rather than our contempt. That he is in need of urgent medical help (we suggest a facility for the mentally ill) is sadly illustrated by his comments on the British Democracy Forum.

You can contact McGough on:

07920 771 458

Why not tell him what you think of his contributions to the BDF and his eagerness to support corruption in Farage's UKIP?

Which brings us to Douglas 'Himmler' Denny....

Douglas 'Himmler' Denny: UKIP NEC member, liar and supporter of UKIP leadership corruption

Readers will remember that Geoffrey Kingscott died recently. See: LINK

Messages of sympathy were posted on the BDF by various UKIPPERS. But Denny just couldn't resist attacking the man:

All this eulogistic syrupy drivel about Geoffrrey Kingscott in this thread is sickening enough in its own right as he was not a God, and it's not as if he had any great influence in UKIP.

It became so bad that his more abusive comments had to be removed or moved to a new thread by Anthony Butcher - BDF moderator.

Denny was less than amused!

This is despicable.

It is totally unacceptable to me. I will not be a part of a set-up which manipulates history.

I have threatened in the past to leave for reasons of censorship but the situations then had been resolved reasonably. This time I mean it. After many years of posting here this is the last.

You can s0d-off! Tony Blue-Pencil Butcher!

End of comments.

To see the original thread: LINK

That Denny and McGough are allowed to remain members of UKIP's NEC after posting such filth on a public forum tells you all you need to know about the integrity of UKIP's leadership. In any decent organisation they would have both been kicked out years ago.

Also see: LINK

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