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Thursday, 31 March 2011

UKIP: Spivolytes

Nigel 'Spivboy' Farage is a total charlatan; who surrounds himself with a host of acolytes who wilfully ignore his duplicity. The majority of them are (or have been) of course beholden on him for their positions. Additionally, the CV's of many of Nigel's close associates, leave an awful lot to be desired. Certainly none of them can be described as top flight political operators.

Below are but a few examples of those Farage surrounds himself with.

Annabelly Spreadum: Farage’s long-term mistress. Was a UKIP press officer, but that was before a previous UKIP chairman demanded her dismissal for actions that cost UKIP dear in the courts. Spivboy, her lover, has now brought her back onto the UKIP payroll. Ran Farage's leadership election campaign. See: LINK

Hermann Kelly: Appointed EFD group media officer by Farage, Hermann Kelly, is a known republican sympathiser and friend of the IRA. See: LINK

Michael McGough: Member of UKIP's NEC, McGough claims to have been UKIP's PPC for Harlow - he wasn't - and now he willingly smears anyone who appears to be a threat to his Master. He does these things, safe in the knowledge that as long as he remains loyal to Farage he is untouchable!

Faces removal from CIB after gloating on a public forum that GLW's cancer had returned. One member has already resigned from the CIB in protest at McGough's continued presence on the committee. See: LINK

Andrew (Steve) Reed: Depends on Farage for his salary and has sold out his principals to retain his income from the EU!

Malcolm Wood: An avowed Tory who has taken the EU shilling. Highly duplicitous, he exists to perpetuate the reign of UKIP's leaders. Whether through loyalty or because of Danegeld is a moot point!

Mark Wadsworth: As UKIP Treasurer, Wadsworth did absolutely nothing to deal with the many unexplained financial skeletons in UKIP's finances!

Mark Croucho Marx: Left-wing trade unionist who worked closely with 'Searchlight' to vet applications for UKIP membership. Has always been quick to accuse critics of being fascist, though now he's strangely silent over the very real fascist links of all bar three of UKIP's MEP's. Appears to have vanished from Brussels at the moment. Lost court case to GLW and has still to pay his costs of some £10,000. See: LINK

Michael Zuckerman: A lawyer who would do anything and everything to ensure that Farage remains as the UKIP controller. He supported the removal of NEC members who were concerned about financial irregularities, including the removal of Nikki Sinclaire - because she refused to sit with anti-Semites in the EFD. Some might find the latter very strange, for Mr Zukkerman is Jewish????

Note: Zuckerman didn't see anything wrong in his acting as Returning Officer for the UKIP leadership election. This is despite his being known as a Farage sycophant! See: LINK

The odious Paul Nuttall: Owes everything to Farage. Prior to joining UKIP his only paid employment in the UK was as a lecturer at a Liverpool Poly - sorry, University!. So, he's eminently qualified to feed at the EU trough, don't you think?

Note: Man management is not one of Nuttall's strong points (5 PPC's in UKIP North West resigned after clashing with Nuttall over his dictatorial attitude). Despite this, Farage appointed him UKIP Chairman, and then Deputy Leader! See: LINK

Kevin Mahoney: One of UKIP's new breed of 'political advisor' - no political experience! Mahoney is a gas engineer by trade, and a voluntary president of one of South Wales' largest branches of the GMB union.

Aurelie Laloux: Despite being a paid employee of the EFD group, Laloux also received payment from an MEP from the GUE group (home to Sinn Fein in Europarl). Despite being ideologically opposed to UKIP, and despite widespread belief that she is the source of many leaks from within the EFD, Laloux remains in post. Could it be because she has been bedded (allegedly) by both Farage, and the odious Nuttall? See: LINK

Gawain Towler: Once a gay officer of a student union (strange therefore that he has been so silent over the abuse inflicted upon Nikki Sinclaire), openly admits to cannabis use. He was told by UKIP’s South West Committee to ‘reconsider’ his future as a UKIP MEP candidate after certain allegations were allegedly made by Mrs Towler on the family blog. He had a few days in which to resign or face de-selection. Towler appealed to Farage and the decision to remove him was overturned. Farage later appointed him to a very lucrative post in Brussels. See: LINK & LINK

Peter Reeve: UKIP's spokesman on local government (he first became a councillor in 2009). Since being elected, Mr Reeve is reported to have resisted at least two attempts to undergo a full CRB check (possibly because of the rumours indicating that he has a conviction for assault?) A UKIP MEP has admitted that though Reeve is paid £50k by the EU, he does next to no EU related work, because of he works full time for UKIP. Reeve clearly has the right moral values to work for Farage!

Under investigation by OLAF, along with Bannerman and Agnew. See: LINK

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